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You were absolutely true to the title of your work by presenting Claire in an incredibly sensual, alluring moment. The anticipation in ...


Mass Effect:  Slayer by CharlesWS
Mass Effect: Slayer
Hey, everyone, another Mass Effect work featuring FemShep...but in a way I'm sure you haven't seen her before, and thank fellow Deviant Padme4000 for that! :heart:  This is Jane Shepard in Slayer armor (and I wish this was possible to wear in the game!) with her N7 seal.  The premise is simple, Jane's on a battlefield and about to get up close and personal with the enemies she's sneaking up on.  And with those Omni-Swords, the smart bet is on FemShep! :D

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS by Dusan and XNAaraL

Jane Shepard N7 Slayer by :iconpadme4000:
Omni-Swords and Rubble by :iconjust-jasper:

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written by Charles Spencer,
inspired by Ygure

Chapter 32:



Rebecca Chambers woke up from the dreamless darkness with a start.
 Her breath caught in her throat as her eyes snapped open...her lithe, lovely body shuddered where she laid as she felt so disoriented.  The last she remembered she was being attacked by monsters, but her first coherent thought was for the young woman from Silent Hill, the one Rebecca had felt a building, undeniable attraction to from the first moment they met.  The pixie whispered needfully, "Cheryl...?"

There was no answer.  The disorientation faded fast, supplanted by the pure need the sweet Medical Specialist felt in her heart.  Rebecca Chambers sat up quickly and said louder, "Cheryl!"  But there was no one in this derelict, dirty, hopeless room where she realized she was lying on a cot that had seen much, much better days.  Her last memories really came back to her and the last she knew, she had been hit by something hard, and...that was it.  She really began to ask herself if she was knocked unconscious as she fought those monsters, why wasn't she dead?  How in the hell did she end up in this room, wherever she was?

Rebecca had been saved somehow...and she thought and hoped and prayed with all her heart she knew why.  She looked to a disused table in the room and saw her backpack, which contained provisions from medical supplies and ammo.  And that mysterious dark vial of Aglaophotis she took from Doctor Burton Young long ago.  Her 9mm Beretta and suppressed MP5K were on the table, too.  Rebecca called out again, "Cheryl!"  She got up from the cot and her arms wrapped around herself.  "Honey, are you here?!  Where are you??"  She looked around again and asked herself aloud, "Come to think of it, where the heck am I?!"  She looked at the sole door for this, it was more like an office...and her lips turned thin as she frowned.  Was it a good idea to leave this room, considering all that had happened to Black Falls?

That wasn't even a question.  Rebecca needed to find Cheryl.  She moved to the table and picked up her sidearm...the girl checked it carefully to make sure it was fully functional and loaded, and it was.  Holding it firmly in her right hand, Rebecca moved to the opened slowly for her with an ominous creak...and she stepped out on full alert.  "Oh...!"  Surprised, she took a few steps further...

...into the huge interior space of a church.  But it was a bleak, horrid version of what was meant to be a place of worship.  The floor beneath Rebecca was in fact fencing, heavily corroded and thick with dry blood, and below it was nothing but darkness.  The church itself could hardly be called that -- it was worse than condemned, worse than deconsecrated.  It was a dark, ruined vision.  Everything was filthy and beyond old.  Many of the pews on the first floor were missing or wrecked beyond repair.  The structure of the place itself was almost skeletal up to the darkened second floor gallery.  And the stained glass windows...Rebecca saw that there was something wrong with them, as well.  The pictures the different colors of glass created didn't represent any faith the girl recognized.  The stained glass created images that were dark, threatening, anything but holy.  She took one look at the altar, and wished she didn't.  Oh dear god, it looked more like a place of sacrifice...there was so much blood there...

Like the rest of Black Falls, Vermont, even this place had been changed because of the darkness.

Pure dread lurched in Rebecca's heart as she called out again with worry, "Cheryl!?  Are you here?!"  But there was nothing.  Only silence.  Rebecca hoped Cheryl was all right as she felt thudding loneliness.  The pixie needed the one she grew to adore desperately as she moaned softly, "Oh, Cheryl...!"

That was when Rebecca Chambers heard someone begin to sing.


Rebecca recognized the was Cheryl Mason from high above...oh, her voice...the voice was so filled with emotion and yet so absent of any hope, it nearly made the pixie's heart break...

Blue sky to forever
Green grass blows in the wind, dancing
It would be a much better sight
With you, with me

As Cheryl sang, Rebecca moved as fast as she could through the nave to the front of the building, to the tower...

If you hadn't met me
I'd be fine on my own, baby
Never felt so lonely
Then you came along

...she found the door to the stairwell and began to climb them quickly.  As she ascended, the pixie holstered her Beretta.  She didn't need it.  Not with Cheryl.

So now what should I do?
I'm strung out, addicted to you
My body aches now that you're gone
My supply fell through

The closer she got to the roof, the words of Cheryl's song resonated deeply in Rebecca's soul...oh god, how lonely had she been, as well?  And she did need the blonde, as well.  The need was so clear and complete...

You gladly gave me everything you had and more
You craved my happiness
When you made me feel joy it made you smile
But now, I feel your stress

Rebecca truly would have given anything, everything to make Cheryl happy...and she accepted why beyond any reservation.  She finally reached the door to the church's roof -- it felt like Cheryl was just beyond!  Yet...she hesitated, only briefly...she wanted to cry hearing and feeling such sadness from the blonde...Rebecca gathered her strength as she heard the last of Cheryl's song...

Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no
And who has time for tears?
Never thought I'd sit around and cry for your love

'Til now...

Silence.  Rebecca stifled a needful sob.  And she opened the door.

Rebecca found herself on the steel-and-blood rooftop, as warped and twisted as everything else in town, and she immediately felt the light rain make her wet as it fell from the eternal darkness above.  Her heart lifted as she saw the blonde, standing on the other side of the building at its rear, her back to Rebecca.  There were buildings near and far in this part of was a bleak landscape that should rightfully have only belonged in a nightmare.  Rebecca ignored all of it like she ignored the rain as she moved carefully yet urgently to Cheryl.

The girl from Silent Hill must have sensed her, must have felt

(my love my stress)

her approach, but she didn't move as she stood there.  Rebecca couldn't see Cheryl's face, but she could tell that the blonde's hands were in front of her, like she was holding something.  The pixie felt inexplicable dread along with her complete longing.  Rebecca stopped only a few yards away...she said, "Cheryl...?"  Her voice was so thin, so full of stress, so full of need.  "Cheryl?"  The blonde didn't answer.  "Cheryl, please talk to me.  Tell me what happened...together we can figure out what to do next -- !"

Cheryl answered Rebecca...there was a frightening finality to her quiet tone...  "You can see what's happened, Becca.  The worst has happened and I couldn't stop it."

Rebecca shook her head.  "That's not what I mean, honey!  Cheryl, I saw you trying to stop the darkness...I saw how much pain you were put through...!"

The blonde's head bowed a little...her entire body stiffened.  "You saw me change."

They were both so wet by this moment...Rebecca said gently, "Yes, but that doesn't matter!  I promise you it doesn't matter, honey."

"Of course it does.  I don't know what happened to me, felt like something in me was finally given release.  I felt electric...supercharged, y'know?  At that moment, I felt like I could do anything, but..."  Cheryl shook her head slowly.  "But it wasn't enough.  Even with all of the power I was trying to marshall, I couldn't stop the darkness."

"Another gateway opened, right?  This darkness came from somewhere else...just like the fog.  You were in so much pain when you tried to stop it, Cheryl."  Rebecca hated to question the blonde, but she had to.  "What happened?  W-was it like before, when you tried to get rid of the fog..."

"Becca -- "

"Cheryl, please!"  Rebecca had begun to cry...she couldn't help herself seeing Cheryl like this, feeling the blonde's desolation.  "I know you blame yourself, I know you think you failed, but we need to make sense of this!  When you tried to get rid of the fog before, you said something stopped you...somehow your power was turned back on yourself and it caused you agony."  She slowly drew a little closer as she asked, "Did that happen again when you tried to stop the darkness??"

Slowly, Cheryl answered, "Yes.  Like before, I could see something that wasn't only looked like a man.  It was working the controls of this huge machine somewhere.  It...the machine kept me from stopping the darkness."

"Do you have any idea how...?"

"No.  Still, I felt like...I was connected to the machine somehow...but I don't understand how that can be."

Rebecca ran all of it through her head...her lovely expression hardened.  "Something is working with Reeve Meyers.  This creature, whatever it is, it's like you's helping Reeve make this nightmare possible!  Maybe we can hunt for it, find this monster and that damned's not too late, Cheryl!  There's still hope!"

Cheryl's head turned a little...  "You sweet, amazing girl.  You honestly believe that."

Oh god, and Cheryl didn't??  Rebecca Chambers told the blonde she had grown to adore, "I believe in you, Cheryl.  I believe you can turn this shit around and make everything better."

"Why?  I failed twice before because we're dealing with something that can turn my own power against me.  The same result will happen again and again no matter how many times I try, Becca.  I did fail...I am to blame for everything."

Rebecca gasped...she felt such incredible sadness then, as well.  "Oh, honey..."

Cheryl's voice became so much gentler then.  "I know it hurts you, Becca...I'm so deeply sorry for that, I swear...but it's still true.  Because of whatever Reeve's working with, the thing using that goddamn machine, I can't do what I need to do.  I can't stop this...I can't save you, and that means I'm worthless, doesn't it?"

"Cheryl...!"  God, it did bring Rebecca such pain in her heart to hear Cheryl say that about do you help someone believe in themselves?

How do you even start?

Cheryl said quietly, "Dahlia told me so long ago I was good for nothing...and she was right.  I couldn't save my dad.  I couldn't stop Reeve.  But I can still stop this, Becca.  I can still save you."


"For the longest time, since I discovered The Order was still alive, I knew they'd want me to be the mother of their God again.  And I knew there was one certain way to stop that from happening."  Then, finally, reluctantly, Cheryl Mason turned slowly to fully look at Rebecca...

...and the Medical Specialist saw that all this time, Cheryl was holding her Colt Peacemaker...the .45-caliber single action pistol was cradled in the blonde's hands carefully.

The girl from Silent Hill looked down upon it as she told Rebecca:  "If I die, The Order will never, ever get what they want."

Crushing horror fell upon Rebecca Chambers' heart then.  Her blue eyes grew huge.  She whispered, "No...nonononono, that can't be right -- !"

Cheryl's hazel eyes gazed at Rebecca with a sad certainty.  "It is, sweet Becca.  If I end myself here and now, God won't be born on Earth.  Paradise will never happen."  Her eyes shifted to express how much she cared for and adored Rebecca.  "I...I don't mean to hurt you...I'd never, ever hurt you...but it may be the only way to save you."

"The only way out is to give up, huh?"

They were both surprised to hear that came from toward the church's tower, not far behind Rebecca.  They both looked...and they saw someone else approaching them on the rooftop.  It was a terrible sight, a brunette girl who was hideously burned beyond anything recognizable as she wore a seared down vest, skirt and boots.  Cheryl's eyes widened then with complete shock because she had seen this being before...when she tried to kill her in Silent Hill 13 years ago on a hellish carousel.  Rebecca had never seen her before, yet this new arrival reminded her in a strange way of Cheryl!

The being reached them, and her dark eyes were fixed on Cheryl...her ruined face grinned wide as she teased lightly, "You silly rabbit!  You tried that before, and it went very badly...or maybe you need a reminder.  Who better to bring back your memory...but me?"


The dark being stared at Cheryl, who could only look at the shadow with mute terror, and said, "Surprised to see me, Cheryl?  Don't be.  No matter how much you want to deny me, my memory will always be with you."

But this dark wraith was getting too close to Cheryl, and Rebecca Chambers was truly a warrior as she drew her 9mm pistol and pointed it at the being to defend the one she adored.  She cried, "Whatever you are, don't come any closer!  I said STOP!"

The thing stopped and looked at Rebecca -- she never lost her grin.  "Or you'll shoot?  Go ahead, you'll have as much luck shooting a shadow.  That's all I am."  She turned back to Cheryl and said, "But I'm much more than a shadow to you...isn't that right?"

Cheryl said with quiet fear, "The last time I saw tried to kill me."

"Because you were pregnant with the Lord of Serpents and Reeds when you returned to Silent Hill 13 years ago.  I felt the same way you do now, that your death would save the mortal world!  But you fought me with the same desperation and passion you felt when you fought Claudia Wolf and The Order then.  Where's your fight now, Cheryl?"

"I..."  Cheryl looked down self-consciously...she wished she had an easy answer to that question.

The wraith sighed, "Anyway, killing yourself won't work.  Not here."

Cheryl looked up at the dark reflection with surprise.  "W-why??"

"Because there's something out there in the dark that won't let you die."
 There was a note of caution in the wraith's voice.  "I can't say much, but after you returned to Silent Hill 13 years ago, it was watching over you.  It wouldn't have let you die if anything happened to you then, the same as now, until you gave birth to God.  I didn't know that at the time, I only cared about destroying you when I had the chance, because I..."  She hesitated and finally said quietly.  "I can't say anything more or it WILL know.  Your powers have been keeping you 'invisible' to threats, right?  It's been looking for you ever since you put Reeve Meyers to sleep...and it's very close."

Rebecca looked at Cheryl, confused.  "'Put Reeve Meyers to sleep??'"

Cheryl said to the pixie in a cool tone, "It was while you were out cold, Becca.  I wanted to kill him, but he won't be doing anything for a while."  Cheryl focused on the wraith and asked, "What will know?"

The dark vision only looked back at Cheryl, silent.

Rebecca's gun was trembling as she pointed it at the wraith...she asked anxiously, "Cheryl, what IS she...?"

The burnt visage looked at Rebecca and said in an amused tone, "You haven't guessed yet, girl?  You can't see the resemblance because of the burnt flesh, huh?  Maybe this will help..."  In mere moments, the wraith transformed.  Her burnt and blasted skin across her body healed...and then paled to become ghostly white.  Rebecca was stunned to see that the wraith had transformed into a virtual mirror image of Cheryl Mason.  Almost.  There were some differences, of course.  This dark girl was so much younger, only a teenager, but the resemblance was beyond denial.  The being's dark lips smiled.  "Oh, and you can call me Alessa."

"What?!"  Rebecca looked at the wraith with angry denial.  "No way, that's impossible!  Cheryl was Alessa Gillespie in another life!  You CAN'T be her!"

The being said, "I didn't say I was.  I only said you can call me that."  The dark girl gestured to Cheryl Mason and clarified, "I'm simply her Memory of Alessa...but her power and the worlds where the fog and darkness came from make so many things possible."  The Memory looked at Cheryl, gazed into her eyes.  "There was so much you wanted to discard the moment you died and were reborn in the baby Harry Mason saved.  It was your last wish in that moment of fusion and transition, to make yourself a clean slate and leave all the memories of your previous lives behind."

Rebecca stared at the Memory...she was trying with all her might to understand.  She asked tentatively, "You represent her memories of Alessa Gillespie...?"  Before the Memory could answer, the pixie blinked and blurted, "W-wait, Cheryl wanted that to happen...?"  Rebecca looked at Cheryl, who could only stare at her dark mirror.

The wraith almost laughed.  "Of course!  After all of the shit I went through, can you blame her?!"  The Memory gave Rebecca an examining gaze.  "Ha, I shouldn't have to explain it to you!  You know as well as she does what it means to have something in your past you'd give anything to forget."

"I..."  Rebecca almost froze.  This thing knew somehow...she knew what Rebecca was so desperately afraid of Cheryl knowing...?  Rebecca was on the verge of saying she didn't know what the thing was talking about, but:

The Memory of Alessa snarled, "Don't even try to deny it!  I can sense it in you just as keenly as she can!  Unlike her, though, I'm not so hesitant to really look and see what you're so afraid to simply tell her -- !"

"Leave Becca alone."  Cheryl Mason stared at the Memory with hard eyes, her stance stiff and ready.  She jammed her Peacemaker back into the beltline of her jeans and said coolly, "You are here for me, aren't you?"

The wraith looked at Cheryl and nodded, a small smile still on her face.  "Yeah.  As you died in Silent Hill back in 1983, as you were reborn into a new baby, you tried to leave your memories behind in the darkness like baggage, right?  A second chance.  A clean slate.  But something else happened you didn't want to:  when you left your memories of me and little Cheryl behind, some of your power remained within us!  The kind of power that opens gateways to other worlds!  Too bad for you another knew how much power we had and took advantage of that fact."

Cheryl blinked.  "What...?"

"You don't understand?  That's all right...if you're lucky enough, if you're strong enough, you will in time.  I..."
 Suddenly the Memory seemed distracted, in pain.  She shook off whatever she just suffered and declared, "I can't stay long.  It took so much to project myself here in the first place..."

Rebecca shook her head...this was all verging on being too damn much.  "Wh-what do you mean??"

The Memory pointed at Cheryl and informed, "Ask her sometime in the future, I said, she will understand, but only if she's strong enough!"

Cheryl hesitantly asked, "Wait, if I tried to forget everything, why didn't it work?  After I escaped Silent Hill with Douglas 13 years ago, I recalled all of my memories from my previous lives...!"

The wraith said with annoyance, "No matter how much you wanted to forget and even separate your memories from you, they're part of who you are.  There ARE a lot of things beyond even your power to change, girl.  Some things you hated and were ashamed of so much, but you could only push them down and out of your sight and mind.  Like Elle said, it's a kind of natural defense.  But you can only bury a memory for so long.  Like that night Dahlia violated me and burned me alive, that shit Reeve Meyers did to you in that hospital with his drugs helped you remember.  It would only take another push to make you recall other things you made yourself forget, too!"  The Memory giggled then.  "Ha-ha, denial really isn't just a river in Egypt, huh?"

Rebecca asked fearfully, "Cheryl...?"  But the girl from Silent Hill didn't respond.  She only stared at the dark other.

The Memory grinned and cocked her head toward the pixie as she gazed into Cheryl's eyes.  "She still doesn't know everything about you, and you're so thankful for that.  You wouldn't want her to know because you don't want to remember the truth of why you hate yourself so much.  Why you see yourself as a monster."

Cheryl began to shake her head slowly...her eyes were complete fear as they became wet...oh god, she was beginning to remember something else...she whispered, "Please stop."  Rebecca drew closer to the blonde -- she had no idea what had begun to happen, and she was afraid to.

There was no more humor in the Memory of Alessa's voice as she spoke.  "No more denial, Cheryl.  The truth will set you free...the truth might even save you both.  I know you have fight left in your heart and soul.  If that wasn't true, you would have killed yourself to save her long ago."  She had nodded toward Rebecca for emphasis.  "Death would have taken away the pain and shame too, right?  I don't just mean from being unloved and used...being raped."

Cheryl repeated in a quiet, desperate voice, "Stop..."  Tears flowed down her cheeks as she started to tremble...

The Memory fixed on the wide-eyed pixie then.  She said to Rebecca, "You believe in her so much.  I wonder if your faith will be shaken when you know."  Suddenly Cheryl broke down with a tortured sob, her weeping eyes squeezed shut as she fell to her knees...her arms wrapped around herself, and Rebecca felt so damnably helpless, she could only crouch next to Cheryl and take the girl's shoulders in her gentle hands.  Seeing Cheryl in such pain made Rebecca cry, as well.  But the Memory seemed inhuman and unaffected as she said lightly, "Yes, THERE we shoved it so far down into your subconscious, Cheryl, but it's coming back to you now.  Like a Jack-in-the-box would pop up if you play enough of his music...!"

Cheryl couldn't look at Rebecca...her lips were trembling with the rest of her as she said in a voice full of agony, "Please...oh, no..."

Completely dismayed, Rebecca whirled on the memory and screamed, "For god's sake, whatever you're doing, PLEASE STOP IT!"

The Memory said, "I'm not doing anything.  All Cheryl needed was a push, like I said, and seeing me must have been enough."  The Memory's dark eyes narrowed as she stared at Rebecca.  "You KNOW you weren't shown everything, girl!  In all the memories of her previous lives she gave to you, there was something missing, wasn't there?  Something of incredible importance."  This dark vision who represented the memories of Alessa Gillespie looked down at Cheryl Mason and her expression tightened with shame.  "Thirty years ago, I called out to little Cheryl in Silent Hill, and Harry Mason took her there.  But it wasn't because I wanted to be whole again, it wasn't because I wanted to be saved.  Oh, no.  I needed little Cheryl to do what I couldn't, to use -- "

Rebecca Chambers' voice was thin with terror as she said, "The Seal..."  It was what she had felt since she received Cheryl's memories in that back alley.  She had felt something was missing, held back by the blonde because she wanted so terribly to forget and did...

...until now.  Cheryl Mason moaned, "The Seal of Metatron..."  Her head was bowed as she shuddered on her knees...her tears fell copiously with the rain in the darkness of Black Falls.  "...oh, I needed to forget...I hated myself so much for what I wanted to do..."

Rebecca whispered, "Cheryl...?!"

The Memory of Alessa said flatly, "Tell her, Cheryl.  Tell her or I will!"


For a few silent, horrible moments, Rebecca could only watch as Cheryl gathered her strength...and then she managed to speak, in a voice full of pain that felt so raw, what she spoke of might as well have happened yesterday.

Still unable to look at Rebecca, the girl from Silent Hill said, "Becca...the part of me that was Alessa Gillespie in Silent Hill had known only pain every moment of every day since she was burned alive in her own bed.  The only reason she stayed alive was because Dahlia needed me alive...and without the other half of me, without Cheryl Mason, I couldn't give birth to God.  But I needed to die, Becca.  The only thing I wanted was to die.  I needed to end the pain...but I couldn't kill myself.  Dahlia wouldn't let me, and that bastard Kaufmann helped her by keeping me drugged constantly.  But...

"...but there was something else I could do in spite of Kaufmann.  Pain was all I could feel.  It was my life, and I'd have given anything to end it.  I would have done anything.  So...s-so I reached out with my power...and I didn't have to reach far to find my other half.  To find little Cheryl Mason."  She shook her head slowly as she wept.  "I knew I might have been playing into Dahlia's hands reaching out for Cheryl, she needed my other half as badly as I did so God would be born.  But I was so desperate...and I was so, so angry.  I needed to die, and I didn't care what might happen."

Cheryl gained enough strength to look at Rebecca with haunted eyes.

"A-as my other half, as little Cheryl, I felt Alessa's call and I was drawn to it.  My father Harry, he was such a good and loving man, he would have given me anything to make me happy.  He took me to Silent Hill and...and then there was the crash.  Harry was knocked out, but I was okay...and then my other half called out to me again.  I answered Alessa, and she told me that..."  Renewed agony and shame in her expression.  "...she wanted to play a game.  I trusted her because I could feel there was a connection between us.  I thought I could trust Alessa as much as I trusted Harry."  She couldn't look at Rebecca.  "I was wrong."

Rebecca glanced at the Memory of Alessa, who simply looked at them with an expression of neutrality.  Waiting.  The pixie asked quietly, "What did Alessa...what did you want, Cheryl?"

Cheryl said with great sadness, "I told you before.  All I wanted was to die."  Another long moment passed.  And Cheryl continued, but it took such effort:

"About a year before Dahlia sacrificed me, I was curious to look at some old documents and tomes Dahlia had that recorded the history of The Order, their rites and mystic knowledge dedicated to their God.  I focused on some old books Dahlia was really protective of, and I found something.  It was an ancient ward of power called the Seal of Metatron.  I asked Dahlia about it, and she said it was worthless.  She said it was forgotten in those old pages for good reason and wouldn't say anything more about it.  But I knew she was lying...I could feel that she was afraid.

"The Seal of Metatron is a ward of great power...but that means it also needs great power from someone to use it.  It was far beyond Dahlia or any of her predecessors who led The Order...but as I laid in that hospital in neverending agony for years, I remembered it."  She paused for a long moment before she said, "And I knew instinctively I could use the Seal.  It could cause great destruction or great miracles depending on how it's used.  The game Alessa wanted Cheryl to play was...was to draw a large version of the Seal at certain strategic points across Silent Hill.  Alessa showed Cheryl how to draw it, and she did perfectly.  As she did...Alessa used that little girl as a conduit, to impart her power into each Seal to prepare them."

Rebecca could only stare at Cheryl...she didn't want to ask the question that was provoked in her heart and soul...she was suddenly, elementally afraid to.

Cheryl couldn't look at the pixie...she was so completely ashamed to.  "You're asking yourself why, Becca.  Alessa had incredible power inside her, even in the state she was in.  She guessed rightly that when little Cheryl finished scattering the Seals across Silent Hill, Alessa could activate them, use their combined power destroy herself.  But...b-but it would also have destroyed the entire town."  She finished with a choked whisper, "A-and everything and everyone in it."

Rebecca Chambers almost stopped breathing...her wide eyes were full of disbelief.  "But the half of you who was Cheryl...her father, your father Harry Mason -- !"

Horrible pain in Cheryl Mason's expression then.  "The half of me who was Alessa didn't care, Becca.  Alessa made the part of me who was Cheryl, a girl who was innocent and knew nothing but love, do what she...what I wanted because I was insane and so full of pain and anger and I just wanted it all to stop."  Cheryl began to break down as she moaned, "And I...I would have if Dahlia hadn't realized what I was doing and she captured Cheryl before she could complete laying down the Seals...!"  The girl from Silent Hill couldn't say anymore as she cried again, the shame and sorrow bubbling terribly in her core.

Rebecca squeezed Cheryl's shoulders as they were on their knees together...the pixie wept with the blonde as she said sadly, "My god, Cheryl..."

The Memory of Alessa took a step closer to them as she said, "And when you remembered your previous lives after your return to Silent Hill, you were so horrified I -- YOU could have done such a thing, you wanted to deny it completely...just like you wanted to suppress the horror you went through when Dahlia sacrificed you to her God.  You always felt like you were different before The Order found you 13 years ago, Cheryl.  You always felt like you had nothing in common with anyone else, that there was something wrong with you.  The feeling in your heart that you were a monster only got worse, even after you made yourself forget that you would have destroyed the father who loved you, your innocent other half, and who knows how many more...just because the dark half of you wanted to commit suicide.  You denied it with all your heart, even after the self-loathing remained.  But like I said.  All it took was a push, seeing me again and truly looking at your memories of Alessa Gillespie, to remember."

Cheryl Mason did remember, she remembered that terrible secret she so desperately wanted to deny, to forget completely...and she had, but like the Memory said, the self-loathing never left her.  It all came back to her, for better or worse, and it was too much for the girl from Silent Hill to bear.  Her faith in herself already so fragile, it threatened to shatter as she broke down and cried beyond any control.  For Rebecca Chambers, it was truly like Hell to see her beloved in such torment.  Not long ago, she felt the kind of happiness she had never known before simply knowing Cheryl was happy, to see the haunted blonde smile and then laugh joyously at the County Fair before everything went terribly wrong.  And she wept with Cheryl with quiet agony as she stared at the blonde with her wide blue eyes, held her shoulders so gently...

The Memory of Alessa seemed completely unaffected by what they were both feeling...she looked at Rebecca and said, "Well.  Now you know why Cheryl has such a low opinion of herself!  It wouldn't surprise me if this changes how you feel about her.  Well?"

The pixie began to tremble with renewed intensity as she cried hot tears...her beautiful face's expression tightened into something firmer, harder, yet so so lovely...and then Rebecca Chambers turned and lifted her face sharply to look at the Memory as she held Cheryl's shoulders with unflagging devotion.  Her blue eyes were bright with fury, and her voice was incredible in its passion as she screamed at the wraith:  "Oh, I think I can surprise you, you BITCH!  THE WAY I FEEL HASN'T CHANGED AT ALL!"  Rebecca turned to look at the blonde, and her eyes shifted to an elementally loving gaze as she declared loudly, "I believe in Cheryl, now more than ever, and nothing will ever change that!"

Feeling the sheer passion in the pixie's words, feeling it from her soul, Cheryl managed to look at Rebecca...the Memory seemed shocked and said in a quiet voice, "How can you say that...?"

Rebecca said, "I know you're just a memory or something, you're not really alive, but look at her, Alessa!  Remembering what she almost did is causing her so much pain!"  She looked at the Memory and angrily demanded, "Aren't you asking yourself why?!  ARE YOU EVEN ABLE TO CARE?!?"  The pixie's bright, loving eyes bored into the Memory's.  "It's for the same reason she wants to stop The Order and save everyone!  Because she IS a good person with a beautiful heart!  I felt it in this amazing girl since I first met her!  I understand she tried to destroy herself and Silent Hill, but that's because she was driven to do it!  For so long, the half of her who was YOU suffered constant agony that was too much to take!  It made her full of hate and anger, and only god knows what ANYONE would do if they've been through so much torment!  And if I was in her place here and now, I'd hate myself for being driven to do something so terrible, too!  That's why I can't judge Cheryl for that, for something she almost did, and I WON'T!"

The sweet pixie turned to of her hands moved to tenderly wipe the tormented tears from one of the blonde's cheeks.  Rebecca said soothingly, "Honey...honey, please look at me...listen to me."  Cheryl was listening...she looked at Rebecca desperately with her wide hazel eyes.  "I could feel how good and kind Alessa was in the memories you gave to me...I felt how lonely she was.  All she ever wanted was love.  She simply wanted to be happy.  And then your m...Dahlia sacrificed you, she and those monsters in The Order turned you into something you weren't meant to be!"  Rebecca smiled radiantly upon Cheryl.  "If you really were a monster, you wouldn't care so much about stopping The Order.  If you weren't a good person, you wouldn't care about saving anyone from Reeve.  That's the kind of person you are, Cheryl!  And even if you are different from most anyone else, I don't care.

"You are not a monster, I promise you, but you've got to believe that as much as I do!  Remember the Alessa Gillespie you were before Dahlia almost destroyed you.  That's who you were, and that's who you are now!  I remember your other half, little Cheryl, was just as wonderful.  When both parts of your soul were brought together again, you became the person I see before me now."  Rebecca tearfully, passionately implored, "I see someone so incredibly beautiful body and soul, Cheryl.  I believe that with all of my heart...I believe in you!  You can believe in yourself, too.  I swear you can, honey!"

Cheryl Mason was completely overwhelmed as she felt Rebecca's touch, as she really listened...she said mournfully, "I...I-I want to believe that, Becca.  Oh, god..."  Her wide eyes were full of gratitude for the pixie as she wept.  "Oh, it means ev...everything to know you believe that.  Y-you can really see past how different I am..."

Rebecca Chambers said softly, "All I can see is you, Cheryl.  Every beautiful inch of you.  I swear that'll never change.  Never!"

Rebecca drew close and held Cheryl in a sweet embrace...the blonde clutched the pixie's body so needfully in return.  Even with all of the power she held, Cheryl had been so alone for so long, her image of herself so desolate...until now.  Feeling the sweet, sweet warmth from Rebecca's heart gave her strength...and more importantly, she really began to believe in herself as she felt her beloved Becca's pure devotion.  Even as they held each other and wept in the midst of hopeless darkness...


Slowly, reluctantly, gradually, their embrace relaxed...because the women remembered another was there.  Cheryl and Becca looked at the Memory of Alessa...and the dark being was smiling upon them with unexpected fondness.  The Memory said softly, "You are both so lucky to have found one another, Cheryl."

Cheryl and Rebecca stood again, holding each other's hand...the blonde said thickly, "No, not lucky.  Blessed."  Cheryl looked at the pixie and said with increasing strength, "I feel beyond blessed that this girl found me."  Rebecca's smile was brilliant as she looked back at the girl from Silent Hill.

The Memory of Alessa said to the blonde, "You can still stop The Order, Cheryl.  You do have the strength you need to defy your fate as the Mother of God.  You have the power to change things for the better."

Rebecca's smile faded as she asked urgently, "But how can Cheryl change anything when Reeve and...and whatever is helping him is using Cheryl's power against her?!  We still don't even understand how he could!"

The Memory shook her head, even as her eyes expressed sympathy.  "Like I said, I can't tell you much...if I did, the thing working with Reeve will know.  It's very close's about to find you, and I can't stay."  The dark being turned and began to walk back the way she came...

"Wait!"  The wraith paused in her steps...Cheryl's expression was so anxious.  "You said that someone took advantage of you, of the memories I tried to leave behind...they're taking advantage of the power I gave to you.  You must mean the thing using that machine against me!  A-and what about my Memory of Cheryl??  You didn't say anything about her or the power she has!"  Her hazel eyes narrowed as she demanded, "Do you have anything to do with my not being able to stop this??"

The Memory didn't look at them as she stood in the rain, but she answered, "You're getting warm, Cheryl...warmer than you think.  I will say that there is one more thing you need to be reminded of.  And when that happens, you'll begin to understand more than you could have imagined.  And then you'll know what to do."

Rebecca frowned and almost yelled, "That doesn't help at all!  We need to know what to do now!"

In response, the Memory of Alessa looked back at them...and her eyes were completely black.  Her smile was haunting as she said, "When the moment is will remember."  The Memory turned and moved further away...but as she did, her dark body...discorporated into the omnipresent black all around them, like ashes scattering in the air.  It was as if the Memory had never even been there.

Rebecca turned to Cheryl and took both of the blonde's hands in hers reassuringly...she said, "There's still hope, Cheryl.  You can do this!  I do believe in you, and I always will!"

"Why?"  Cheryl asked that with such fragile need as she gazed into the pixie's blue eyes.  "Why do you believe in me?"  She implored softly, "Why do you care so much?"  She had felt that sweet, soothing tenderness from Rebecca from the first moment they met...that and other feelings she felt from the pixie had only gotten stronger over time, too.

Rebecca's eyes shifted in expression to become much like Cheryl' quietly, elementally full of primal emotion...she said carefully, "Isn't it obvious?  You must know what I'm feeling, honey.  I think I started feeling it since the night I met you."

Drawn to each other by an intangible yet overwhelming power, the women drew much closer to each other...their faces were only inches apart.  Cheryl said in a hushed tone, "I feel the same way.  I've felt the same things since then, too."  One of her hands lifted...and her fingers softly combed into the black hair on one side of the pixie's head.  Rebecca closed her eyes and sighed pleasantly from the sensation.  Cheryl told her beloved, "Please...I know what you're feeling, but tell me.  I...I need to hear you say it..."

On the verge of swooning, giving herself to the touch and warmth of the blonde without hesitation, Rebecca told Cheryl everything she was feeling, her beautiful blue eyes sweetly, wondrously hungry...  "I need you, Cheryl, and not just because it feels so wonderfully right to be with you.  I need you more than I need to breathe...I need to be with you always.  I want to give you anything and everything for your happiness.  I want to give you every bit of me so I'll always be yours and yours alone, honey."  It wasn't a question of falling or not.  The pixie knew beyond a doubt she had fallen for the blonde.  Completely.  Rebecca Chambers' slender arms slowly began to take Cheryl into an embrace as she said in an adoring whisper, with all of her heart:  "I'm in love with you."

Cheryl felt such happiness, she trembled as she began to hold Rebecca, as well.  What she felt before at the County Fair, that paled to what she felt in these perfect moments, in spite of all the horror around them.  This was what happiness was, she knew without a doubt what it felt to be loved, she saw the love perfectly in the brunette's half-open eyes.  Oh damn, where had this incredible pixie been for all her life...for any of her lives before?  And Cheryl Mason expressed everything she felt, as well.  "I love you too, Becca.  I...I was so scared to say that before.  I loved my father so much, and then...then he was taken away from me.  I won't let anything happen to you ever.  I'd die before anything takes you away from me because you're my reason to live...and you are my reason to fight Reeve and make everything all right again.  All I'll ever do is for you..."  Their faces were so, so close now.  "...because I do truly love you, with all my heart and soul."

Rebecca sighed almost soundlessly as she listened...Cheryl's adoring words made her tremble and begin to cry with pure joy...

...and then no distance at all was between them as Cheryl and Rebecca began to kiss on the rooftop of the profane church in the heart of Black Falls.  Their eyes closed as they were both overwhelmed by the feeling, as their slender arms wrapped around each other.  The kiss they shared in front of the hospital long ago, the kisses they gave to one another for comfort during the fog, they were only a prelude to the sensations they had just become host to.  After an unmeasured time this way, Cheryl lifted one of her hands to carefully hold the back of Rebecca's head...her fingers combed into dark hair...

...and the blonde carefully pulled the pixie's face closer as their faces tilted enough...and their mouths opened as they both felt the primal need to deepen this singular kiss.  Cheryl's tongue reached out hungrily and found Rebecca's, and the brunette trembled as she issued a euphoric hum into Cheryl's mouth.  Rebecca surrendered herself completely to Cheryl...their lips pressed together and their tongues danced with a virginal sweetness that slowly gave way to their hunger for each other.  Their arms clutched each other tightly, passionately as their kiss continued, and neither wanted to stop giving to one another...

...they let themselves go to this first, incredible bliss they shared with one another, this expression of the love they felt for one another...

...moments melted away as they forgot where they were...

...all that mattered to them was each other...

...and then Cheryl felt it.  Even if her Memory of Alessa didn't warn them that some thing was searching for her, the blonde had already been keeping her paranormal senses open to detect any approaching threats.  In spite of the pure emotion they were host to as they kissed, Cheryl sensed something.  Something malevolent, craven, completely slaved to an overwhelming, beyond-desperate need that Cheryl could only guess at.

Instinctively, Cheryl used her second sight and searched for the threat...she cursed herself as she slowly, lovingly began to disengage from her kiss with Rebecca...and then she found it!

Her second sight saw it, at one of the third floor windows of a ruined building on one side of the church!  But it was only a glimpse because somehow it sensed that she was aware of it, and it disappeared from the window fearfully.  The glimpse was enough, because she recognized it...the thing that commanded the infernal machine somewhere else that handicapped her powers.  It only looked like a man, pale, disfigured and covered with filth and worse, faceless.  It was only a glimpse, and she thought she saw something on each of its shoulders...the glimpse was too quick for her to get a good look.  And then with a burst of anger, Cheryl lost track of the thing!  Her second sight couldn't follow it...the thing had 'cloaked' itself from her somehow, dammit, in the same way she kept herself and Rebecca undetectable from any threats...!

Their kiss ended between the women as their lips slowly, reluctantly parted --

-- and Cheryl Mason turned to look to Rebecca Chambers' left quickly as her right arm moved and she took her Peacemaker from the belt of her jeans...the blonde's other arm tightened around the pixie as she aimed into the darkness toward the building where she saw the thing.  Rebecca was naturally surprised by Cheryl's move, but quickly recovered as her own gunhand moved to her holstered Beretta.  The pixie's blue eyes looked at Cheryl...and then gazed into the darkness at the building her adored stared at.

Rebecca Chambers asked breathlessly, "Honey, what's wrong?  What's out there?"

Even though the thing was gone, Cheryl Mason didn't relax...she said, "I wish I could tell you, Becca.  I really, really wish I could tell you."  The Memory told her the thing, whatever it was, wouldn't let her die.  It was the same thing stopping her from saving Black Falls and making things right again.  The girl promised herself that somehow, one way or the other, she'd know why.

The evil forces out there wanted this world to see its Judgment Day.

For Rebecca, Cheryl swore that goddamn thing and Reeve Meyers and what was left of The Order would face their own judgment.


Sigh, I'm sorry for this again, I know it's been a while since Ch. 31. -_- Believe me, I want this done as much as those of you reading do! But finally we can continue with the next chapter of JUDGMENT DAY!

We've gone a long way with this, and believe or not, at this point we've hit the home stretch, as they say! It won't be much further to go before the bloody finish line. :) Thanks again so much for being patient, and here you'll see a lot of payoff...

...because the relationship between Cheryl Mason and Rebecca Chambers is about to reach a beautiful plateau...but only if Cheryl can rise above her self-loathing and uncertainty. Her sweet Rebecca will have a lot to do with that, but neither will be prepared as a dark force confronts them. You veteran Silent Hill fans will know her as the Memory of Alessa, who last tried to kill Cheryl when she was Heather Mason in SILENT HILL 3! But the reasons for the Memory being there might surprise you... SH lovers will also see someone sing a song you might fondly remember! ;)

I know a certain special someone has been waiting to see Cheryl and Becca again, and she won't be disappointed...this is for you, sweet Ygure, with love! :heart: :heart: :heart:

RESIDENT EVIL is owned by Capcom, and SILENT HILL and the lyrics for "You're Not Here" are owned by Konami! :)

TDK(R):  The Bat and The Cat, The Last Part by CharlesWS
TDK(R): The Bat and The Cat, The Last Part

Here's the conclusion of my 'The Dark Knight...Reloaded!' Batman-Catwoman love story! :heart: And I wanted to give this story the climax (heh, so to speak!) it deserves! For their long, storied on-and-off affair, they had been enemies...then friends...and then so much more. But it was time to really get serious...will they or won't they become a couple once and for all? The comics like to keep that question open, but they have for too blasted can see my story's symbolically reflected that annoying fact...

...long story short: the Batman and Catwoman, both in their middle age, WILL give in to their most heartfelt yearnings and seal their love...finally! :love:

This story gets much more mature in its final part as the lovers surrender to their long long-denied passions...the art shows that pretty well, even though it isn't as mature! What? I think even my old-fashioned version of the Batman can cut loose in intimate ways for the Catwoman! Ahem, wouldn't you? :heart:

One more time, seriously! This part of the story gets mature, but not too explicit. Just so you know what you're in for and so I don't get in trouble! :)

The Batman and Catwoman are owned by DC Comics...I'm not making anything from this and it's for your enjoyment!


The Batman led the Catwoman to another part of the rooftop; they held hands each step of the way as the rain increased in intensity, as the thunder roared louder. They reached an area overlooking Gotham City's busy the Catwoman said, it wasn't the highest point in the city. Thankfully most of the windows of the buildings around them were dark, but even if anyone saw them, neither of them would have cared. It was a gray platform almost waist-high...a smooth slab that would have been perfect as an impromptu bed...

The Catwoman looked fully at the Caped Crusader, and her eyes were sultry, nearly hypnotic. Her clawed hands moved deliberately to her hips...and then they skated to below her navel. Carefully, the claws on her index fingers sank into the latex that covered her there, and she sliced into it without hurting herself at all. Her pale skin began to be exposed in a daring, pornographic way...her gaze never left his at all...

As the Batman watched, he murmured, "Dear lord..."

Selina Kyle felt so amazingly hot in spite of the rain...she said, "When I paint this costume on, darling, it's best not to wear anything at all. I did say I love how it feels...on every part of me. And when I want to start taking it off, all I have to peel..." And she did...her hands took hold of the latex and pulled, stripping it away from her lower torso. It took only a moment and she was gloriously nude there, in front and behind. Selina seemed to look at Bruce with quiet calm, but it took all of her self-control to keep her breaths steady...her heart raced like a jackhammer as her exposed flesh down there became wet...and not simply due to the rain...

The Batman's storied costume wasn't a one-piece...he unzipped his hidden, well, Bat-Zipper and the Catwoman eagerly helped him pull down his Bat-Pants. The Feline Femme discovered, as her heart skipped a beat, he didn't wear underwear, either. On her knees before him, Selina looked up at him with a desperately expectant gaze...Bruce looked down on her and nodded warmly as one of his big hands caressed her cheek, inviting. Selina whispered, "God, I've been so hungry..."

"So have I," the Caped Crusader said quietly.

The Catwoman drew close, and for a long, carnal time, the Batman knew the pleasures of her mouth. None of the good citizens of Gotham City saw; they were already so involved in their normal business, they were distracted even further by the driving rain. The crashing thunder.

With long experience, the Batman had an amazing level of self-control...he didn't let himself reach his threshold in this intimate time. Not yet. He gently coaxed Selina to stop...she did, reluctantly, and he helped her stand. And then with authority, he made her turn around and rest her hands on the platform as he took her from behind. The Catwoman gasped with wonder from the feeling...and then she moaned and mewled loudly as he dominated her.

But after an exquisite time this way, the Caped Crusader wasn't done yet. He gently made the Catwoman lie on the platform and he was on top of her. His great cape was like a sheet over them both, mostly protecting them from the storm as they made love this way. Selina's long legs wrapped around her hero as he drove into her. The pleasure was so incredible, she could barely even think coherently. Oh god, I was honestly afraid of this?! I don't deserve this, I don't deserve you, Bruce...why did I make us wait so long --! Oh deeper, my darling, fill every bit of me -- oh! OHHH!

The Catwoman couldn't hold back from crying out in pleasure again and again as the Batman made love to her in the rain.

Bruce took Selina to her climax a few times, but he was reaching his own...dammit. But the Batman finished with overwhelming power and made the Catwoman reach her apex once more at the same time. They both fell still and held each other, shuddering as the rain continued to fall.

The Dark Knight regained the strength to lift his face from the Catwoman's neck...he looked down and asked gently, "Are you all right, Selina?"

The Catwoman's masked face seemed literally aglow. "MmmmMMMmmm..." She thought, Am I all right? Is he kidding?? Her smile was the very picture of happiness as she purred, "I've never felt better in my life. How about you?"

The Batman nodded and testified, "I...I feel young again. I feel young. I do love you, Selina, more than life itself."

Selina knew that, beyond any doubt. "I love you, too...I belong to you, Bruce. I won't leave you again ever, I swear to god I'd die before that happens."

He gave her a warm smile. "Good...because I want us to be like this always."

The Feline Femme smiled brilliantly. "Ha-ha, that sounds lovely, but it'll be awkward staying like this all the time!"

The Batman gave her a look. "I meant I want us to stay together always."

"Oh!" With mock disappointment, eternally naughty, the Catwoman joked, "Well...staying this way would be wonderful too, you know." Her expression shifted to become truly serious. She said solemnly, "We will always be together, Bruce, from this night to forever...I couldn't ever ask for anything more." She lifted her head to bring her wet face closer to her beloved's, and he met her halfway...they kissed again for a long, sweet time as the rain washed across their masked faces. When their lips finally parted, she said, "Um, actually...I did just think of something to ask you."

The Batman said, "Go on, Selina. Ask me anything."

She asked, "How are we going to get down from this rooftop?"

Still on top of his beloved, he gave her a perplexed look as he rose to support his upper body on his elbows. "That shouldn't be a problem at all. I do have my Bat-Claw, and the Batmobile is parked and waiting on the street below. Why do you ask?"

Color bloomed in the Catwoman's cheeks. "Well..." She finally pointed a clawed finger down the length of her body, still sheltered by the Batman's cape. "Um, look down here...!"

"With pleasure..." He did, but only a second later he was reminded that the latex that covered Selina's lower torso was gone. She was nude there, completely, which made going from one place to another -- even amongst Gotham's rooftops -- problematic! "Oh!"

"Yeah. You may be able to pull your Bat-Pants back up, but I'm going to feel a little exposed if I want to go anywhere!"

He raised an eyebrow. "I don't suppose you have some extra liquid latex and a brush to, ah, repair your costume...?"

It was Selina's turn to give her lover a look. "Bruce, I didn't expect us both to be taken away by the moment before! I'm beyond happy we were, but...!" Her eyes suddenly widened. "Oh, no."

He frowned. "What, what's wrong?"

Selina's eyes expressed worry as she answered, "A lot! Bruce, if you want to help me go anywhere while I'm like this, it will ruin your image as a boy scout! You know, camera phones and social media?"

"Why Selina, you're honestly that worried...?"

"Because I love you, Bruce! Besides, everyone expects me to be naughty, but not you!"

The Batman reassured confidently, "Selina, it'll be all right! I may not always be a boy scout, but I'll never fail to be a gentleman. Give me a moment...!" He carefully climbed off the Catwoman and his hands lifted to his cowl...with a deft motion, he disconnected his cape from the rest of his costume. He then offered his hand to the Feline Femme...she took it and reluctantly stood, but in an instant his cape was wrapped around her gorgeous body, preserving her modesty and his reputation just like that. But then the Batman also quickly, lovingly picked the Catwoman up and cradled her in his arms. "Better?"

The Catwoman suddenly felt so completely safe this way. However, she said lightly, "Sigh, I really did love to be independent. Now you're carrying me like I'm a damsel in distress."

He gazed back into her eyes. "And?"

"And I could get so used to this so quickly, darling." She meant every word.

The Batman carried the Catwoman and climbed up to the raised ledge of the gothic rooftop. It was over twenty stories to the darkened streets below. The Caped Crusader looked up at the storm clouds as the downpour continued. He said, "This rain isn't going to stop anytime soon. I'll take you back to Wayne Manor so we can get dry..."

The Catwoman asked with a regenerating hunger, "In bed, darling?"

He nodded deeply. "That goes without saying. Selina...I hope you don't mind if I ask to make you an honest woman once and for all, too."

The Catwoman looked at him with shock. "What...?"

"Will you marry me, Selina?" His question was so quiet, yet so stunning. For a long moment she couldn't say anything...she could only look at him with wide eyes. The Batman frowned a little. "Unless you still feel that vows might ruin anything...?"

Selina Kyle was quiet for another moment...and then her ruby lips spread into a beautiful smile as tears began to fall down her cheeks, an expression of overwhelmed and complete happiness. She managed to bring her face close to his and they kissed again, slowly and with elemental love. The Catwoman broke their kiss softly and said, "I'm not crazy about vows, darling, but I can change my mind very easily...and for only one man on this earth." Her lips trembled as she said with barely-restrained joy, "I would be so purr-fectly honored and happy to marry you." The Caped Crusader's face was a mirror of her feelings...he felt so incredibly happy and fortunate, as well. But then she thought of something and asked, "Wait. If you're going to make an honest woman out of me, does that mean I have to stop being a naughty kitty?"

The Batman grinned then. "Oh, honesty and naughtiness have nothing to do with each other...and I'd want you to be naughty only with me. Does that sound fair, Selina?"

The Catwoman smile was luminous as she issued a deep, euphoric sigh. "It's not just fair, sounds wonderful!" As she was cradled in his arms, she nuzzled her face into her master's neck adoringly.

The Batman then stepped off the ledge with the Catwoman, and they descended into the shadows on this dark, stormy night. Together. Always. :heart: :heart: :heart:


Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL


TDKR Batman from Batman: Arkham City by :iconpostmortacum: and The Long Halloween Catwoman from same by :iconventrue533:
City from Burnout Paradise by :iconjhonyhebert:
Devil May Cry 4 Platform by :iconsumirehaikuxna:
Rain by :icondasliebesverbot:

TDK(R):  The Bat and The Cat, Part 3 by CharlesWS
TDK(R): The Bat and The Cat, Part 3

Welcome to Part Three of this 'The Dark Knight...Reloaded!' Batman-Catwoman story I've always wished would happen! :) It turned out the Catwoman left Batman out of fear of losing her independence if she gave all of herself to the hero she's been sharing an on-and-off affair for decades. (Stranger things have happened in love songs!) But she realized she would have lost so much more if she stayed away...she would have lost him, and for maybe the first time in her life, the aloof, solitary, Devil-may-care Catwoman has lowered every barrier to ask his forgiveness...

...but what will happen next? Just read...and be warned that while the art's for everybody, the story will venture into increasingly mature territory as it goes! :)

Part Three

Thunder rumbled intermittently, distant at first yet getting closer on this hot summer night in Gotham City. On one of the city's rooftops under the gathering storm, the Batman the Catwoman held each other needfully, and they couldn't let each other go. They had been apart for six years. No longer. God, the feeling of simply holding Selina Kyle's seductive body was beyond fantastic, and feeling the Caped Crusader hold her was incredible. After a little more time neither of them bothered to measure, the Batman said, "In all the time I've known you, I've never heard you apologize for anything."

The Catwoman nuzzled the side of her beautiful face into the large black bat on the Batman's chest. She purred, "I never had a reason to be sorry before because I've never regretted most of the things I've done..." She giggled as she admitted, "I was having too much fun to have regrets! What made it all so much fun was I wasn't honestly hurting anyone -- okay, in my 'bad kitty' days I was stealing and breaking the law and stuff, but I still never went out of my way to hurt people!" She frowned as she felt the need to cry again, as she looked up at her beloved's face. "But I must have hurt you so terribly leaving you, Bruce...leaving you alone for so long...I can only guess how angry I must have made you..."

He shrugged as he held her... "I can't lie, the past six years could have been so much brighter. The loneliness I felt...I hated it." And it had taken such great effort to keep what he felt a secret from those closest to him. From Alfred and dear Carrie. The hero gave her a reassuring smile...oh, his big arms were so strong, so loving in their embrace of her... "I'm not angry with you, Selina. I could never be angry with you. You mean the world to me, and I feel so blessed that you've come back to me."

Selina Kyle felt like she was far above the storm clouds overhead...she felt so blessed too, so full of joy as she breathed, "Oh, Bruce...!"

The Batman's gaze locked with her eyes. "But are you back to stay? I know what I want, I want you, always. I love you, Selina. But once and for all, what do you want?"

The Catwoman said, "Well, time really isn't kind...enough time passes, a kitty will need to slow down, stay in one place. Which is a huge part of what made me so scared in the first place." Her forehead rested on his chest as she said reluctantly, "I was scared of the inevitable."

The Caped Crusader conceded, "It's true, neither of us are getting any younger."

The Catwoman suddenly looked up and gave him a wicked grin. "Hey, I know I left you for six years, but you don't have to be mean!"

The Batman laughed. "Still, the inevitable is a long, long way down the road, Selina. We're both proof that a person is only as old as they feel. You've seen I've had to slow down, but we both have years to go before our long Halloween is over."

Selina Kyle smiled happily. "I really like the sound of that, Bruce." Her lips trembled as she told him, from the bottom of her heart, "You're all I want,'re all I could ever want. And I want to do more for you than before...and I don't just mean help you simply catching villains in Gotham City." She raised her eyebrows under her mask, curious. "I've been wondering, is there an open position in the Justice League of America? Seriously!"

"There's always room in the League for those who qualify, and you definitely do..." His expression became so much more needful then. "...but really, I'd rather have you all to myself."

"Mmmm..." Selina rested her head on his chest again as they held each other. "Whether I get to be a Super Friend or not, this little kitty would have no trouble devoting herself completely to the master who loves the one she loves with all of her heart." She looked up at him again and the desire was complete in her eyes. "Please kiss me, Bruce. It's been too long...please...?"

His arms shifted as his head bowed...her face moved to his eagerly and their mouths met. The Batman and the Catwoman kissed with a pure hunger they both needed satisfied desperately. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths, and the sensations were perfect as the thunder rumbled louder, as raindrops began to fall. The storm had reached them, but neither minded as they kissed in the rain on this dark, stormy night. Long moments began to turn into minutes as they couldn't stop their amazing kiss. Selina wanted to melt in Bruce's arms... They finished their kiss on a breathless note and Selina trembled pleasantly...the lady finally said in a thick, passion-drenched purr, "I do love you with all my heart, Bruce, and I want you so badly it hurts."

The Batman managed to breathe again...and he finally said, "Show me how badly, Selina, because I want you...I need you."

The Catwoman blinked, surprised. "Huh? Y-you mean...?"

"Yes. Hell, yes."

Awkward yet suddenly excited, she asked: "Right now?"

"Right now." The Batman drew even closer as he held the Catwoman's shoulders confidently. "We both have a lot of lost time to catch up on and I want us to get every way."

The Catwoman bit her lower lip apprehensively...oh god, she wanted to get serious so badly, she wanted and needed him to own her in the most primal of ways, and yet...! "Don't get me wrong, it's just...right here and now...? I love the idea, but don't you have your boy scout image to preserve?? In case you didn't notice, this isn't the tallest rooftop in the city! What if someone sees us from another building? And a lot of people have phones with cameras these days...!"

The Batman grinned then. "Why Selina, I thought you didn't mind being naughty. In case you didn't notice..." He looked down at himself...Selina followed his eyes and to her sudden delight, he saw how...well, how much harder he was under his costume between his legs. He finished, " did get a rise out of me. I just thought we could both do something about that...!"

That was when the Catwoman got very, very excited. And once and for all, now and forever, she needed to get serious. Selina Kyle purred, "Oh, when you put it that way, darling...I don't mind at all."

Lightning lit up the sky again as thunder crashed...finally, the long wait for them both was over...


Up next, the last part! :)…


Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek

XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL


TDKR Batman from Batman: Arkham City by :iconpostmortacum: and The Long Halloween Catwoman from same by :iconventrue533:
Rain by :icondasliebesverbot:

Storm Stock by :icondh-textures:

TDK(R):  The Bat and The Cat, Part 2 by CharlesWS
TDK(R): The Bat and The Cat, Part 2

Part Two of The Bat and The Cat! :) The Catwoman was gone from the Batman's life for six years...and now she's back. But why did she leave? Why did she return? And Holy Exposure, what could happen next after the first part's shock ending, when the Catwoman revealed she knows Batman is Bruce Wayne?

The answers might surprise you, but they're proof that no matter how 'super' a hero is, they're also so, so very human...

Part Two

The Batman stared at the Catwoman with shock as they stood on the high rooftop overlooking Gotham City. The darkening storm clouds were gathering fast above, but the Batman didn't care at all because he was trying to absorb what the Catwoman just said...she just called him Bruce. He asked haltingly, "You know...?"

The Catwoman smiled. "That you're Bruce Wayne, Gotham City's favorite son, one of the richest men on the planet? I've known for years, darling."

The Caped Crusader shook his head. "Why didn't you say something sooner...?"

The Catwoman hesitated to answer...until she finally said very softly, "Because I...I-I didn't know how." She felt the sudden urge to giggle. "Huh, in the end, all I had to do was say it." Selina Kyle really looked at the Batman's priceless expression and asked, "What? You may be a great detective, but you're not the only one who can solve a puzzle! You fascinated me from the first time you caught me as The Cat, darling...and it's not so strange I wanted to know who was behind that cowl of yours. I mean, you wouldn't just take it off if I asked." She said solemnly, "I meant it when I said you're the one who made me want to make my life into a long Halloween, too. You've always been the reason I'm Catwoman."

The Batman's eyes assessed the beauty. "You had a unique way of expressing your starting a cat and mouse game with me so long ago."

Selina laughed. "Ha-ha, a bat does look like a mouse with's natural for a cat to want to play with you! But I didn't become Catwoman to pursue you, Bruce. I wanted you to be the one to chase me."

"And I did, Selina. You fascinated me so much, too. I always wanted to pursue you...and sometimes I caught you."

"Mmm, you sure did..." The lady frowned then. "...but then you gave me to the police. You've always had to be the boy scout. You couldn't give an inch, huh?"

The Batman became cross with her then. "What did you expect? You were a criminal then! Especially that time when you joined forces with the Joker, Penguin and Riddler..."

She began to look away as she said dismissively, "We've had this conversation before."

But Batman kept going: "...and you posed as that journalist, Miss Kitka...!"

Catwoman suddenly whirled to face him, impatient. "That was because I was so angry with you after the last time you turned me over to the police! I...!"

They both looked at each other blankly for a long moment, really recalling that moment in their history...and then they both couldn't help but burst out in laughter! The Catwoman could barely control herself as she managed, "Ha-ha-ha! God, that whole caper was so silly, wasn't it!"

The Batman remembered it like it was yesterday, and he almost doubled over. "Exploding sharks...! Ha-ha-ha! That damn bomb I couldn't get rid of...!"

Selina laughed gaily...she couldn't help herself. "Ha-ha-ha! The whole crazy plan to de...dehydrate...oh god, I can't even SAY it!" They both laughed for a couple of long, wonderful moments before they managed to compose themselves. The Catwoman looked at the Batman with a lame yet still heartstopping smile as she said, "That was when I knew supervillain team-ups never work out! Thank god Lex Luthor never asked me to join the Legion of Doom! I would have said 'NO thanks!'" She looked at Bruce more seriously. "But really, getting into trouble with you time and again made me realize I needed to try harder to be a good little kitty."

Bruce smiled gently at the lady. "And you succeeded...we worked together for even longer fighting the true villains of this world. You never lost your naughty streak, though."

She gave him a grin then. "And I'll never lose it, darling. Be honest, I'd be less fascinating if I wasn't at least a little naughty!"

"Honestly, you're right."

"We were so good together for so felt so good being with you..."

"It got even better over time, Selina."

"The feelings got so much better..." Her voice drifted off for a moment. Her expression shifted. "...a-and then..."

The Batman said quietly, "And then you left." The world seemed to pause then. They both stared at each other. Bruce said, "I thought what we had, it was growing to become something...something wonderful. I got to the point where I was ready to take off my cowl, share my life and all of myself with you."

Selina's expression became so solemn then... "I know, Bruce. I could feel it. And I wanted to give you all of myself, too. I mean, we had been romantic before, but...never really serious. Emotionally and intimately. But in a way, it had always been so serious..."

"We both have so much in common. We both wanted to be careful...I know I didn't want to go too far too soon." He looked down at the roof where he stood. "I didn't want to hurt you or push you away somehow...and yet..."

"I left you anyway." He looked up and saw the Catwoman was facing away from him. Her body was incredible. Her deep purr of a voice felt like a siren's call. She said, "You have to understand that I am like a cat in most every way, darling. What's the defining trait of my fellow felines?"

The Batman answered quietly, "Cats are solitary creatures...independent."

She nodded. "Bruce, the more I wanted to give myself to you...the more I...the more I fell in love with you...the more frightened I felt. All of the jewels and treasures and pretty, shiny things in the world didn't matter in the end. What I always wanted, more than anything, was you..." She fell silent for a moment. Slowly, carefully, the Batman moved to her.

He couldn't see her face as she continued. But her voice thickened with emotion with every word. "...but I had been alone and independent for so long. I knew if I took that big step, if I gave into all I was feeling...I'd lose my freedom. I-I mean, our flirting with each other, running through the night daring everything, it was all so perfect, why the hell did we have to ruin it with...with promises and oaths and...a-and maybe even vows...?" The Batman was close behind the Catwoman as she said with a nearly depthless regret, "It was never anything you did wrong, it was me, all of was me because I was so damn scared, and then I...I..."

"Selina..." Bruce tentatively reached out...

...and one of his hands gently fell on one of her shoulders, and she shuddered. So, so needfully. She moaned, "And then I left you. I...I-I thought the fear would go away after I left you, right? And it did...when I finally began to realize how cowardly and stupid I was. You're the best man I ever were the only man I knew could make me happy...and I left you because I was afraid of, what? Of always being with you? Always being happy? God, I wanted to come back to you so badly, my heart ached for you...but I got scared again." Her voice was so choked with emotion, he realized she was crying. "I thought you had to be mad at me for leaving, that you would have seen me as big of a fool as I did...!"

"Selina..." Both of his hands were on her shoulders. " heart ached for you, too."

Feeling his strong, warm touch made the Catwoman's shudders ease, but finally she was giving release to all she had felt, as well. "For the past six years I fuh...I felt like I was dying without you, Bruce. I never ever should have left...and now finally, finally I got the courage to come back after hurting you...!"

With a sob, she spun around to look at him...and the Batman saw in the Catwoman's wet eyes as much love for him as he felt for her. Then the lady took hold of him desperately in her arms...her lovely masked face pressed desperately into his chest. Selina Kyle said needfully into her one true love: "Oh Bruce, please forgive me...please...!"

With a deep sigh, the Batman held the Catwoman gratefully. He soothed carefully, "Shhh...shhh..."

They held each other for a long time as the storm clouds darkened more and more above.


Here's where you can go to see Part Three!…


Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek

XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL


TDKR Batman from Batman: Arkham City by :iconpostmortacum: and The Long Halloween Catwoman from same by :iconventrue533:
City from Burnout Paradise by :iconjhonyhebert:

Storm Stock by :icondh-textures:


[Updated:  just added a couple of details of what I'm experiencing that might help explain things!  Look below...]

The last journal entry I wrote, I had problems then, too.  Sigh!  Hopefully someone knows what I'm dealing with... :)

I can log onto DA from my computer at home, but then...I can't do anything else!  I can browse and all, but there's a big list of things I suddenly can't do.

When I slide my cursor over the top menu bar on the right to get to my View All Messages menu, it won't appear and come down...which means I can't access deviantWATCH, Notices, Feedback, Correspondence, Notes, all of that.
I can't leave feedback or respond to it too, even when I go to the art itself.
I can't leave journal entries.  (I'm writing a journal entry now because I'm on an internet station at the library at the moment.  Sigh!)
I can't submit art.  Grr! -_-
I have to right-click on a thumbnail of art in order to get to it, I can't left-click like usual.  And the art won't expand when I click on it.
One friend's flash player for some reason won't appear...maybe there's something to that?  (I've checked Adobe, and it has that thing with the clouds and tree -- those who have seen it know what I mean! -- and that works.  Maybe I need an update?)
I saw that there was a recent 'debugging' of DA.  What the heck did that involve??

I already sent a note to DA Help, of course.  I hope no one else has been having as many problems?

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