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You were absolutely true to the title of your work by presenting Claire in an incredibly sensual, alluring moment. The anticipation in ...


I don't know if this is too early or whatever, but I hope everyone is having a truly Happy Thanksgiving! :)
Mass Effect: Birthday Wishes to fishbone76!

Samantha Traynor was stark naked, but that didn't dampen her enthusiasm at all as she said brightly, "Hello, dear Mary! :heart: I just wanted to wish you a happy and wonderful -- !"

"Whoa, HOLD IT!" Suddenly Jane Shepard was there and she moved to stand in front of Sam, blocking a beautiful view for the rest of you! "Sam, what are you doing??"

Sam said, "Well, it's fishbone76's birthday today, and you know how wonderful she's been to us!"

Jane looked puzzled. "Hey, I love her art of us too, but why in the world are you naked?!"

"Well, I thought it appropriate to give my birthday wishes in my birthday suit, ha-ha!" Jane gave her a priceless look. "What? I wanted this to be sexy *and* funny!"

Jane giggled. "Mission accomplished, but hasn't Mary seen you naked enough? I mean, I recall very vividly what she just did with you in that 'Don't stop' piece...!" :love:

Samantha gave her beloved a naughty smirk. "You say that like it's wrong, darling!"

Jane blushed! "Ahem! Of course it isn't wrong, but I'd like to have you all to myself every now and then..." :heart:

Sam sighed, "Oh, Jane! Now I need to peel you out of that armor and have my way with you." :heart:

Jane grinned and purred, "Sounds like a mission plan to me, darling. Uh, but first, let's get both of our birthday wishes for dear Mary out of the way!"

"Oh, of course! Ready?"


Both Jane and Samantha cheered, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU SWEET GIRL!" :heart: :D :D :heart:


[I know, I know, dear Samantha's only partially nude...but just in case, I put a mature stamp on it anyway! :D ]

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek  

XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL


Nude Samantha Traynor by TheRaiderInside

ME3 Jane Shepard in ME1 Light Armor by Just-Jasper

Background by nach77

Mass Effect:  Perfect Mirror, Prologue by CharlesWS
Mass Effect: Perfect Mirror, Prologue

[This prologue features possible SPOILERS from MASS EFFECT 2 and I hope you're a fan who played the games if you keep reading! :) ]

For most of her life, Oriana Lawson had no idea how special she was.

Oriana didn't even know her real name...for all she knew until the age of 17, her name was Anna Tiberius. The girl grew up on Illium with her father Jim, a reasonably successful stockbroker, her mother Carol, a financial analyst, and her older brother Jimmy Junior. Her life was a relatively quiet one, but great things were expected of Anna because of her extraordinarily high intelligence that and many other aspects, the girl seemed to be literally perfect. But being called perfect made the gentle, modest Anna incredibly awkward. Because of her genius, she could learn and master virtually anything she surprised her parents that she was interested in colony management, of all things, but no matter what their expectations were she had Jim and Carol's full support when it came to what she wanted to choose to do with her life.

One day in the year 2185, as Human colonies were endangered by the mysterious Collectors, Oriana discovered the truth...when her twin sister, Cerberus agent Miranda Lawson, entered her life. Miranda and the paragon Commander Mary Shepard had just stopped a large force of Eclipse mercenaries from kidnapping Oriana. The mercs were under the employ of her biological father, Henry Lawson, interstellar business magnate and philanthropist.

Miranda Lawson was Henry's first daughter, conceived by the most advanced technology available as a 'test tube baby'...Miranda never knew who her mother was, someone who had simply donated her eggs for Henry to conceive a child with his sperm, which were genetically altered to guarantee that the resultant child would be as perfect as a Human could possibly be. Deliberately irradiated with Element Zero dust during gestation, Miranda was also born a high-level Biotic. Miranda wasn't so much raised as trained in disciplines from medical science to martial arts to honing her Biotic power to a razor's edge. She was being groomed by Henry to become his heir to what he called his 'dynasty', but growing up in a world without love made Miranda disgruntled, embittered, angry.

One day in her late teens, Miranda first saw her newborn sister, Oriana. Miranda discovered that the infant was her perfect twin, conceived with the exact same methods that brought her into being, even the egg from the same mother, everything except that Oriana hadn't been subjected to hazardous Eezo exposure. Miranda was so angry, so prone to rebellion that Henry conceived Oriana to be her older sister's potential replacement in his grand designs.

Henry Lawson completely underestimated how rebellious Miranda Lawson could have become. Miranda prepared quietly, carefully, establishing a secret network of contacts, and then one night she kidnapped her infant twin...a lot of gunfire was exchanged in the process, but Miranda escaped with Oriana. As much as secret contacts like her childhood friend Niket had helped, Miranda knew she needed much more support to ensure that Henry couldn't find her or her sister, and so she offered herself to the pro-Human extremists known as Cerberus, an organization her father had secretly backed financially for years. The Illusive Man accepted Miranda's terms of recruitment, including severing all ties with Henry Lawson...the terrorist leader instantly saw the potential of a biologically perfect operative in his ranks. After Oriana was secretly placed with a new family and given a new name, Miranda joined Cerberus and the sisters were separated. Miranda became a master of many disciplines under the Illusive Man's watch, and she especially excelled in the medical sciences and espionage.

Then Niket, motivated by the fortune he could have earned, betrayed the sisters and contacted Henry. When Miranda received word that merc forces were encroaching on Oriana and her family on Illium, she asked Commander Shepard's help to stop the Eclipse and secure her twin's safety. The mercenaries were destroyed right after their commander killed Niket, who had a change of heart at a pivotal moment. Miranda used her own resources separate from Cerberus, just in case, to give Oriana and her family new identities and a new home to make sure they'd be safe. Then, with a gentle urging from Shepard, Miranda took the opportunity given to her to reunite with Oriana.

The reunion was a truly joyous one for Oriana, who was so happy to know she had a twin sister...and she was so humbled and moved to know that Miranda had always watched over her from afar, in one way or the other, all of her life. The sisters, being perfect twins, realized they had so many things in common in spite of their separate lives and upbringings. From the same taste in music to inclinations toward spying, Miranda and Oriana both felt true happiness like they never had before. The sisters stayed in contact with each other since but had to be covert and careful, especially after Miranda took a moral stand and defied Cerberus to support Mary Shepard...the Illusive Man earnestly wanted to take the Collector Base in the galactic core intact to raid its forbidden technology, but the paragon destroyed it along with the remaining Collectors instead. Miranda divorced herself from Cerberus completely.

The Illusive Man wasn't someone who forgave betrayal...he reestablished his bond with former financial backer Henry Lawson so they could find his twin daughters. After The Reaper War erupted months later, Henry supported Cerberus in many ways, especially in an endeavor to find a way to control the Reapers' Husk forces. He not only fully supported but administrated the refugee outpost Sanctuary on the colony world of Horizon.

Henry had collected as much information as Cerberus could find about Oriana before she and her family dropped off the galactic grid with Miranda's help. One key thing he discovered was Oriana's ambition to pursue a career in colony management, and he used his resources to lure Oriana to Sanctuary, to support its supposed noble purpose to shelter and comfort Human war refugees. But as Oriana worked in the facility's administrative sector, she had no idea Sanctuary's horrifying true purpose was to secretly use the refugees...entire families were taken to the facility's secret scientific complexes, sacrificed and transformed into Husks, experimented on to discover the frequency the Reapers used to control them, all so Cerberus could take command of the Husks and further their own terrible agenda.

For all Miranda Lawson knew, her twin sister had essentially disappeared...she desperately searched for Oriana as The Reaper War raged, and she got the support of Alliance naval resources from Mary Shepard herself. Late in the war, both Mary and Miranda investigated Sanctuary for different reasons, but both found the same thing. All hell had broken loose in Sanctuary, the Husks had escaped confinement and slaughtered most everyone. High in its administrative tower, Henry kept Oriana hostage, in his words for her protection. When Miranda and Mary found them, Henry held Oriana at gunpoint. Mary managed to convince Henry to let Oriana go if he wanted his freedom, but Miranda had something very different to give her father...a sudden, brutal death when she used her Biotic power to send him falling to his doom. Again, thankfully, the sisters were reunited...and they were finally free from their father forever.

Miranda and Oriana did their best to support Mary Shepard and the galactic war effort against the Reapers until the war's fateful end. With help from her loved ones, Mary was instrumental in winning the year-long conflict by destroying the Reapers...she delivered salvation to trillions of lives across the galaxy. In the war's aftermath, unfortunately, so many lives had already been lost...Oriana was devastated when she discovered the Reapers had overwhelmed Illium weeks before and her parents and brother weren't able to evacuate in time. Her entire adopted family were among the war fatalities on that world, and Oriana's life as she knew it was shattered completely. Overwhelmed with grief, the only solace the girl received came from the love and support of her twin, Miranda.

Weeks after The Reaper of the sisters will make a choice that will change both their lives completely...


This is a prologue and preview of something I've been working on for quite some time.  I know I've got a lot of things like Judgment Day and Paramour still to complete, but I've needed to get this out, too!  It's my bringing to life an idea I've had for some time, a story set after The Reaper War in MASS EFFECT 3, as the galaxy is rebuilding.  What you just read is in capsule the amazing history of the Lawson twins, and sets up the rest of the story. :)  [Part of it is my headcanon, but so what!]  Oriana Lawson, the twin sister of Miranda Lawson, wants to be like her sister...and I don't mean that she just wants to follow in her sister's footsteps!  Oriana is so inspired by her beloved twin that she wants to be as much like Miranda as possible:  her perfect mirror.  It's a story that will explore the unique bond twins share and, more importantly, how love can make anything possible!

This may be the most ambitious thing I've done since Judgment Day because the story will also feature XPS art, in a comic panel style, to bring to life key moments in each's the first time I've tried something like this, and I hope veteran fans who love ME and its characters and newbies alike will enjoy it! :)

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL


Blonde Miranda Lawson by DorianPavus
Oriana Lawson by Just-Jasper
Mass Effect: The Lovers
Mature art time! :love:

It's also been a while since I focused on one of my biggest ships, FemShep and Kelly Chambers from MASS EFFECT. :heart:  As you know I'm writing the fanfic Paramour which gives the ladies a true romance, which they both much deserved in my feel.  Especially since Bioware apparently wasn't in the mood to do so, ahem! :/  So a bring to you a truly pulse-raising moment as my Paragon Mary and her beloved princess Kelly as they share a truly intimate, passionate session expressing their love for one another.  I imagine it getting a LOT hotter as things go, so such moments are best kept between them! :love:

It almost feels like breaking the mood saying MASS EFFECT and its characters are owned by Bioware and EA, but it's kinda necessary!

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Nude Mary Shepard and
Nude Kelly Chambers by Padme4000
Mass Effect:  Reunion on the Citadel by CharlesWS
Mass Effect: Reunion on the Citadel
The reunion of FemShep and Miranda from ME3, I mean...and perhaps a better version of that moment! :D

Okay, ME lovers, what you're looking at could have and one can argue *should* have happened in MASS EFFECT 3. In fact, I'll argue why it should have happened in a moment! Anyway, a lot of fans feel that Miranda Lawson should have been blonde...actually, Bioware first thought of giving her that hair color, mostly since Yvonne Strahovski -- the actress the character was modeled after -- was blonde, too. But since Bioware doesn't like blondes -- there was only one blonde character otherwise in the ME verse! -- they made Miranda brunette in ME2.

Many of you Miranda fans might disagree with my view, but Miranda should have been blonde, at least in ME3. I say that not just because she looks amazing that way. Think about this as I detail: in the third game...

[Just in case, SPOILERS start here if you haven't played the games!]

...Miranda was on the run from Cerberus and the Illusive Man because she betrayed and quit them to support Commander Shepard (if you played as a Paragon) and their choice to destroy the Collector Base in the second game. Okay, so it's established that terrorists are hunting for Miranda and she needs to stay low-profile. But when Shepard is reunited with Miranda on the Citadel for the first time in ME3, *SHE HASN'T CHANGED THE WAY SHE LOOKS ONE DAMN BIT!*

Now, the Bioware writers did quite a few things that can be called, ahem, brainfarts in all three games. But this was definitely something that made no sense! Miranda as a character was cool and methodical to a fault.  She would be more careful if Cerberus was looking for her, and that means she'd at least do something to disguise herself just in case she's spotted by a Cerberus agent!  Sydney Bristow of ALIAS did that all the darned time, but Bioware wanted to be super-lazy and keep Miranda looking the same.

Thusly, I present this XPS art (finally, because I should have done this a long time ago) as a show of what perhaps should have been...heck, I'm calling it headcanon, so there! :D

There's even some story below to show how different this reunion could have *will* see it again in the future in my ME fanfic, Paramour! :)


Mary Shepard received a high-priority message meant only for her...when she saw who it was from, she had to follow its instructions and meet the sender in Docking Bay D24.

When she got there, dressed in casual fatigues, Mary didn't see the one she was looking for. Not at first. But then a voice surprised her from behind...the voice was instantly familiar because of its clinical coolness, its thick Australian accent: "Mary! It's been too long!"

Mary turned immediately and her eyes widened with shock. Unsure at first, she said, "Miranda...?!" The longer she looked, the paragon realized that yes, it was Miranda Lawson. But she looked very different from how Mary remembered her...she might have still been wearing her black and white catsuit, but the woman had changed her hair from brunette to blonde!  Mary had also been so thrown by the makeup the perfect woman wore, as well.  Mary approached her former Executive Officer and said, "My god, I almost didn't recognize you!"

Miranda Lawson's perfect smile brightened as Mary approached. "That's a very good thing, thank you! It was a necessity after I ah, tendered my resignation with the Illusive Man."

Mary's beautiful face expressed how crestfallen she was.  "Goddamn it.  I was as afraid as you were that Cerberus would take your leaving them personally."

Miranda nodded...her lovely smile became more sour.  "And we were right.  The Illusive Man doesn't take rejection well. Cerberus has never stopped hunting for me since after I last saw you. Changing back to my natural hair color might have been a simple bit of tradecraft, but it's actually helped greatly."

Mary asked, "Wait, you were born blonde? You never told me that!"

Miranda laughed as she responded, "Ha-ha, you never asked! Actually, both Oriana and I were born this way. After I took Ori from our father and I joined Cerberus, I arranged to have the hair color for us both changed long ago.  It just took a harmless modification of the both of us by a Salarian genegineer."

Mary shook her head softly in gentle astonishment. "You look amazing. Your makeup is striking, too..."

Miranda informed the paragon, "It's not makeup, Mary."


Miranda lifted a hand to caress one of her cheeks as a show. "This is actually the work of a wonderful Asari artist I's similar to tattooing, and it's just as permanent."

"You haven't changed the way you dress, though. I've got to wonder how you can't draw attention in that suit...!"

Miranda's smile developed a knowing curve. "A lot of females in the galaxy dress this way. The suit is based on a classic Asari design, in case you didn't know!"

Mary laughed then. "That doesn't surprise me one bit. But you ought to know I've never cared about being fashionable, so I wouldn't know about things like that!"

"That doesn't surprise me at all, Mary."

Mary's eyes expressed concern as she spoke: "I can imagine how careful you still have to be, Miranda. I wish it didn't have to be this way." Not just because Cerberus was hunting for Miranda; the perfect woman was still wanted by the Council Worlds and the Alliance Navy because she had once been a terrorist.

For a moment, Miranda's expression reflected how alone she was...yet she smiled again as she offered her hand. "So do I, Mary. It's been too long since we last saw one another. You have no idea how good it feels to see you."

Mary Shepard quickly, warmly took Miranda's hand in hers. "It feels wonderful to see you too, Miranda," she purred gently.  "I missed you."  The perfect woman gave the paragon a second chance at life. They had both been through the fire of an extraordinary mission no one else could have survived to stop the Collectors months ago. The bond they shared was as unique as it was powerful. :)


Giving credit where it's due, always!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Mary Shepard Alliance Casual 'Ripley Outfit' by Padme4000
ME3 Blonde Miranda Lawson by DorianPavus

Background screenshot (this is a first for me) thanks to GFSLEGION!


[Updated:  just added a couple of details of what I'm experiencing that might help explain things!  Look below...]

The last journal entry I wrote, I had problems then, too.  Sigh!  Hopefully someone knows what I'm dealing with... :)

I can log onto DA from my computer at home, but then...I can't do anything else!  I can browse and all, but there's a big list of things I suddenly can't do.

When I slide my cursor over the top menu bar on the right to get to my View All Messages menu, it won't appear and come down...which means I can't access deviantWATCH, Notices, Feedback, Correspondence, Notes, all of that.
I can't leave feedback or respond to it too, even when I go to the art itself.
I can't leave journal entries.  (I'm writing a journal entry now because I'm on an internet station at the library at the moment.  Sigh!)
I can't submit art.  Grr! -_-
I have to right-click on a thumbnail of art in order to get to it, I can't left-click like usual.  And the art won't expand when I click on it.
One friend's flash player for some reason won't appear...maybe there's something to that?  (I've checked Adobe, and it has that thing with the clouds and tree -- those who have seen it know what I mean! -- and that works.  Maybe I need an update?)
I saw that there was a recent 'debugging' of DA.  What the heck did that involve??

I already sent a note to DA Help, of course.  I hope no one else has been having as many problems?

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