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Claire Redfield-Allure by IamRinoaHeartilly

You were absolutely true to the title of your work by presenting Claire in an incredibly sensual, alluring moment. The anticipation in ...


Mass Effect:  True Blue -- a Memorial Day Tribute by CharlesWS
Mass Effect: True Blue -- a Memorial Day Tribute

Firm, united let us be,
Rallying round our liberty,
As a band of brothers joined,
Peace and safety we shall find.

-- from Hail, Columbia
Written for the inauguration of President George Washington, 1789

I've written before it takes a certain kind of person to be a soldier...not everyone can be.  In a country where only about one-percent of our population is actively dedicated to America's defense, it takes a unique brand of man or woman to give so much, perhaps everything for their home, their neighbors, their way of life.

Some who express their dedication only give their time, their sweat and their courage...others have given all, including their lives.

On this day, we take our time to honor them...when in fact, we should do our best to honor them every day.

Happy Memorial Day! :)

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Ashley Williams ME3 Blue Uniform by Just-Jasper
Mary Shepard 'Ripley Outfit' and Kaidan Alenko T-Shirt by Padme4000
Mass Effect:  Luminous by CharlesWS
Mass Effect: Luminous
An enticing work I wanted to bring to all of you featuring the beautiful Human Liara, who you've seen in my art before.  In 'Parallels' Liara/Lara was fully clothed, and in the work after that I featured her romance model in underwear...and now she's fully nude.  It's almost been a progression, and I didn't mean for it to happen that way, really!  Every version of the amazing Human Liara was modded by the wonderful artistry of TheRaiderInside. :)

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Human Liara Nude by TheRaiderInside
Omni-Tool by SumireHaikuXNA
Resident Evil:  Gemini -- Epilogue by CharlesWS
Resident Evil: Gemini -- Epilogue


The morning light gently reached in through the windows and touched the sleeping woman on the bed.
 Meaningless time passed, and her nude body began to stir.  She stretched and trembled as she grudgingly climbed up from the comfortable darkness of sleep and moaned softly, "Mmmm..."  The woman of exotic beauty opened her eyes, and she slowly sat up on the silken sheets...working her slender, lovely neck.  She opened her eyes and instantly recognized her surroundings...her place in Kuala Lumpur, and she smiled.  She always loved this city, she...

  The woman couldn't help but frown as she tried to recall where she'd been the day before.  It was a little fuzzy, but she could remember meeting someone for dinner...oh, yes.  Derek.  Yeah, meeting him went about as well as she thought it would:  it didn't go well at all.  In the future, she'd never take the trouble to meet that arrogant ass face to face again.  She raised a hand to brush back her hair from her face.  But wait.  She met him in Washington, D.C.  How the blazes did she get from there to Kuala Lumpur?  She really thought about it, and became a little uncomfortable.  It was disquieting, but it felt like what she recalled happened to...someone else, but that didn't make any sense -- !

  "Happy Birthday, Ada Wong."

  Ada Wong looked in the direction of the voice -- wait, that sounded like her own voice! -- with a start.  If an observer had been there, they would have thought she wouldn't have reacted in any other way, that she simply sat on the bed.  But every inch of her battle-honed body had fully tensed as she looked toward the doorway...

  ...where Ada saw someone enter, and she felt a sudden lurching fear as she realized she was looking at herself.  It was uncanny yet undeniable as Ada took in every inch of this woman.  This other Ada Wong was clothed in an elegant, seductive black dress of distinctly Chinese style with matching high heels.  There was such a note of sadness to this Ada, like she had been crying for a long time...yet she smiled so fondly as she looked at the nude woman in bed, too.

  Elementally threatened, the nude woman stared at her mirror image...but she kept her tone aloof as she said, "Well...this is awkward.  You'"

  The woman in black stopped a respectful distance from the bed...she nodded softly.  "Yes."

  "That begs the logical question, of course...which of us is the real Ada Wong?"

  "We both are.  We're the same woman, from our DNA to our memories.  Technically speaking, though, I came first."

  "Really."  It was one thing to hear something so fantastic, but it was another to really believe it.

  "I'm almost ten years older than you are, but those experiences didn't change me where it counts.  We are the same person, Ada.  We both have the same memories, and we were both shaped in the same way by them.  I remember my brother well.  I remember what Albert Wesker did to me in Raccoon City as vividly as the day I defied him.  I -- "

  The nude Ada Wong reacted with such clear discomfort, she quickly raised a slender hand in a halting gesture as she implored, "Th-that's enough!  Please!"  She slowly lowered her hand, her eyes full of wonder as it really sank in that she was talking to herself.  "Okay, I'm convinced.  No one else could possibly know so much about me.  And..."  Ada hesitated, her expression suddenly guarded.

  The Ada dressed in black gently urged, "Go on?"

  "It's...really strange, but..."  It took a moment for Ada to really put in words how she felt.  "I remember who I am and everything I've ever done, but I still feel like I...I just woke up for the very first time."  She looked away from her duplicate as she slowly came to terms with the situation, but then she saw something lying on the mattress close by and almost laughed.  "Oh, dear!"  The nude woman reached over and picked up a long knitted scarf that was dark crimson in color.  Bemused, she asked, "Where did this tacky thing come from?"

  Ada smiled warmly where she stood.  "I don't have to guess that scarf isn't your style."

  "Well, it certainly can't be yours!"

  The Ada in black carefully moved a little closer to the bed and reached out to her nude mirror.  "It's not, but I'll still take that off your hands...?"  The nude Ada looked at her curiously as she handed over the scarf.  Ada pulled back a step from where she stood as she held the crimson length in her hands carefully, the sadness in her expression compounded as she gazed at it.  "This belonged to truly special."  She added very quietly, "She just passed away."

  Ada looked at her mirror from where she sat with sudden awkwardness...  "I'm so sorry."  She frowned again and bitterly said, "I feel like an idiot.  I only wear black for two reasons, either because I need to be sneaky during a mission, or..."  She couldn't finish as she looked at her mirror, her eyes full of apology.

  But she saw herself smile as she finished, "Or I want to honor someone I lost.  It's truly all right.  I promise."

  "You said you just lost her...would I have known her?"

  Ada gazed at her nude mirror for a few beats and finally said, "No."  Carefully, she began to fold the scarf with careful, adoring motions...she glided to the bedroom's fireplace.  "This isn't my style, but I'm going to hold onto it.  It's something keep her memory close to me."  She kissed the knitted scarf and laid it on the mantle...her touch lingered upon it as a caress before her hand reluctantly left it.  The lady in black finally turned back to the bed.  She assessed her nude mirror and said, "I know you were surprised to see me, Ada.  I can guess knowing there are two of us...worries you?"

  The nude woman hadn't moved an inch where she was.  She asked in response, "Wouldn't you feel the same way?  If you are me, then the last thing you want is for anyone else to know you.  But you would know me completely."

   The Ada Wong in black slowly approached the bed again.  "I do...but you would know me just as well.  Right?"  Close to the foot of the bed, she stopped.  "In the end, all you can do is ask yourself this.  How much do you trust yourself?"

  The other Ada Wong's face stayed neutral for a moment...but then her heart spoke to her.  "Ada, I learned a long time ago that the one person I could completely trust was myself."  She visibly relaxed...her expression was as soft as her mirror's.  "I know I can trust you."

  The lady in black gracefully sat on the edge of the bed.  She smiled.  "And I can trust in you, Ada.  Completely."

  The nude woman's eyes never left from the one she gazed upon...she carefully shifted her position on the silk sheets to move closer to the lady in black.  "Even so, I'd be tempted to say we should go our separate ways.  It would ensure things don't get complicated for either of us."

  "It's logical to think would be the safe option, wouldn't it.  But I've been thinking more about the alternative, that we could stay together.  We could be so much stronger that way than either of us could be alone."  She smiled brightly.  "Admit it, you're thinking that, too."

  The nude Ada giggled...because it was a wonderful alternative.  "I-I can't lie, Ada.  I'm definitely intrigued.  We would be stronger together...and..."  Her eyes shifted to become elementally solemn.  "...and neither of us would be alone anymore."

  The Ada in black nodded deeply.  "Yes."

  "It would only work if the rest of the world didn't know there were two of us, though."

  "Oh, I'm sure there are many, many ways we can ensure that."  They had to, she thought.  The rest of the world was still searching for Carla Radames.  If they stayed together, if it was ever known that they were working together...they'd have to be very careful.  But the rewards...

  ...oh, to not be alone anymore...

  The nude Ada relaxed completely with her mirror as she leaned on one arm on the mattress.  She gave her duplicate a naughty smirk.  "But which of us will be the boss?"

  A devilish curve formed on the other Ada's lips, too.  "Well, I have seniority..."

   The nude Ada laughed as she said, "We'll talk about that later!  I..."  She was about to say something else, but she stopped herself.  Something on her mind was distracting her.  "You know, speaking of awkward.  I had this strange dream...but it was so beautiful, too."

  The Ada in black leaned a little closer.  "Tell me."

  Hesitantly, the answer came:  " my dream, I was making love to...someone who looked exactly like me..."  This Ada stopped with a halting look of confusion.  She looked around at the bedroom.  She looked at her mirror image.  In a careful voice, she asked, "Was it only a dream...?"

  The Ada in black said, reluctantly, "Yes.  But..."  She drew a little closer to her mirror, and her lovely face began to quietly communicate the desire she felt in her heart.  She purred, "...if you love yourself as much as I do, it can be so much more than just a dream."

  Surprise briefly formed on the nude Ada's exotic face, but quickly shifted to an elemental desire that began to build in her own heart.  She absorbed what her mirror said, and she felt her heartbeats quicken with excitement.  To not simply be alone know feel and give love with passion...  Ada purred back, "Oh, I'm more than a little intrigued by that idea."

  "So am I."  The Ada in black lifted a slender hand and with careful slowness brought it closer to her duplicate's the object of her desire every chance to tell her to stop...

  ...but the nude Ada didn't move...both of their hearts were racing as one touched and softly caressed the cheek of the other...they both felt electric...the nude Ada nuzzled into the touch of the Ada in black...

  ...their breaths became shallower as they looked at one another...felt one another...

  The nude Ada Wong asked softly, "I guess all I can ask now is, where do I go from here?"

  The Ada Wong in black said tenderly, "Actually, the better question to ask is, where do we go from here?"  She shifted very close...and they began a long, slow romantic kiss...and the feelings from it only got better and better each moment...

  ...until one Ada descended to lie on the silk sheets, and the other followed... :heart:


I said in the description for another piece of art I did that I'm a big fan of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, and a story like this would definitely be fitting for that classic series of the strange and supernatural!  Especially its end, where Ada Wong finds her ideal mate in Carla Radames...who becomes Ada in every way, within and without.  I thought of how Ada is so clearly an independent character, a lone wolf who is most secure when she's a mystery to everyone else.  But she must also feel overwhelming loneliness being so safe, being virtually untouchable.

I got the idea that the only kind of person who Ada could open her heart to would be someone exactly like her, someone Ada would know and trust in the same elemental way she could trust herself.  And then I thought of Carla, and my imagination just progressed from there.  It's definitely different in its themes of identity and love, and needless to say, Ada falling for herself makes her Yuri. :heart:  And I hope I left the impression that Ada also loves her mirror so deeply because she was once a sad yet extraordinary woman named Carla Radames. :love:  I hope you enjoyed it, and you may see more 'Gemini' works soon!  In the meantime, I'll be fully focused again on 'Judgment Day'!

Again, RESIDENT EVIL and all its characters are owned by Capcom!

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Ada Wong Nude by Pinkie-Pie297
Ada Wong Black Chinese Dress by IAmRinoaHeartilly
Resident Evil:  Gemini, Part Four by CharlesWS
Resident Evil: Gemini, Part Four

Part Four

They could hardly keep their hands off each other when they reached the bedroom of this safehouse...they began to undress each other as they tenderly kissed again.  Carla Radames' fingers were urgent as they unbuttoned Ada Wong's red shirt...Ada's hands absently unbuckled the belt around the slender waist of the lady in white.  But when Ada reached higher and started to unwrap Carla's scarf from around her neck -- god, the spy wanted to lick and nibble her mirror's neck so badly -- Carla's lips quickly broke from Ada's as she moaned, "P-please don't!"

  They both stopped very briefly...Ada asked, "What's wrong...?"

  "Please...don't take off my scarf.  I-I need to keep it on...while I'm still me.  I know that sounds so silly..."

  But Ada moved close quickly and kissed Carla's lips, hushing her.  Ada cooed, "It's not silly...but I'm damn sure going to take everything else off of you."

  Carla smiled hungrily as Ada made good on her words.  In moments, Carla's white dress had been peeled from her frame and puddled on the floor at her boots.  Ada paused, she felt her heart pound in her chest as she saw Carla hadn't worn any underwear.  It was strange yet so arousing to see the mirror image of herself nude -- except for the signature scarf -- before her eyes, so incredibly enticing.  Carla kicked off her boots and tore open Ada's unbuttoned shirt, revealing she wore a black lace bra.  It wasn't there for long and Carla kissed and licked Ada's breasts...the spy urged her not to stop as she felt her leather pants being unbuckled by her former nemesis.

  In moments that still took too long, they were both nude, their clothes discarded on the floor.  It was surreal as they really gazed at each other...and they drawn together so primally in part because they were twin images.  They reached the large bed, and Carla clutched Ada's arms...

  Carla said very softly, "I...I've never been with another woman before, Ada.  I-I want to be perfect for you..."

  Ada nodded sweetly.  "You will be, Carla.  You'll be wonderful."  Ada's cheek nuzzled her mirror's, so soothing...  "Just relax.  Let things happen, okay?"

  They descended to fall upon the silken sheets.  They both relaxed completely, and words paled before everything that happened next.  They devoted themselves to virtually every inch of each other, at turns with quiet grace and carnal abandon.  Over an hour passed, but any measure was meaningless.  They were so beautiful as they made love, a perfect mirror to each other as they enjoyed a building pleasure that reached heavenly levels.

  They were Gemini.

  They virtually collapsed into each other's arms at the end, coming down slowly from their ecstasy...spent yet elementally happy...happier than either had been in their entire lives.  They felt each other's trembling ease.  But remembering, so afraid her lover might already have fallen asleep, Ada managed to speak:  "Carla...?"

  "Yes, Ada...I'm here..."  Her voice sounded as if it came from far away, even though she was so close.  Her breathed words were euphoric:  "Oh, Ada, I...I-I feel incredible..."

  "M-me, too.  Carla, were beyond anything I ever dreamed of..."  They breathed together for a quiet moment before Ada said thickly, "I'm so happy I made you feel loved, Carla.  I'm so, so happy to have felt your love..."

  "Thank you, Ada...thank you...I..."  Carla's hold slowly relaxed, by degrees...Ada looked, and she saw from her mirror's expression how exhausted she was.  She knew the poor thing had kept herself awake for five days.  "...oh, I'm so tired..."

  "I know."

  Sadness filled Carla's tone...there was an undercurrent of fear, too...  "I want to stay longer, I need to love you more...oh, I wish I could love you forever.  I-it's so hard to keep my eyes open..."

  Ada shifted a little so her face was so close to the visage of her mirror.  She said lovingly, "It's okay, Carla.  You don't have to.  You...y-you can get some sleep now."

  Carla's eyes were half-open...still, she managed to say, "I do love you, Ada...I love you..."

  Ada was no longer afraid.  "I...I love you, too.  And I...I will miss you when you're gone.  Oh god, I'll miss you so much."

  Carla fought with all of her heart to stay awake...  "Please remember me, darling...remember the ugly duckling I was..."

  Ada's tone lightened as she softly scolded, "You were never ugly, Carla.  I saw your picture once, and you were beautiful, too.  I swear you were."

  Carla shook her head...she smiled blissfully, like she was already experiencing her last dream.  There was no longer any trace of fear in her voice...  "No...but I will be.  When I wake up, I'll...I'll be you completely."  Her eyes slowly fluttered closed...  "Inside and out...I'll truly be...beautiful..."

  Ada felt her tears well in her eyes...she fought to hold them back.  "D-don't flatter me so much, dammit.  Please don't...Carla?  C-Carla?"  Ada felt her lover's body relax completely in her arms.  Carla's expression was perfectly serene in sleep...a trace of a smile was still on her lips.  "Carla...?"

  Carla Radames had fallen asleep...forever.  Ada Wong quietly broke into tears as she held the limp, sleeping body of her mirror image.  Her face moved close and kissed the corner of her lover's mouth tenderly...she moaned, "I will never forget you, Carla.  Never."

  She stayed that way as she held the sleeping beauty, crying mournful tears for the one she loved and lost...

To be concluded...


The long, tragic story of Carla Radames reaches its conclusion, but on a sweet note of love and bliss with her mirror image, her former enemy, Ada Wong. :heart:  But this isn't the end of 'Gemini'.  Just check out its Epilogue...

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Ada Wong Nude and
Carla Radames Nude by Pinkie-Pie297
Bedroom by KamsonX
Resident Evil:  Gemini, Part Three by CharlesWS
Resident Evil: Gemini, Part Three

Part Three

Ada Wong and Carla Radames needed to talk to each other further in the little time Carla had left.  But a growing feeling in Ada made her gently urge that they had to move their conversation somewhere more private.  Stealthily, carefully, they traveled together to an expensive apartment in the city.  Ada held a 99-year lease for it under an alias.  When they entered the gorgeous, inviting place, Carla smiled fondly as she looked at her surroundings.  For the second time, Carla even sounded exactly like Ada as she mused, "As beautiful as the last time I saw it.  I always loved Kuala Lumpur."  With a confident gait that looked uncomfortably familiar to Ada, the woman in white approached a crystal vase full of exotic flowers...her fingers traced along the expensive surface of the vase and she purred, "And I do like the finer things in life.  I...oh...!"

  Ada blurted, "Carla...!"  She moved quickly as Carla swooned, and Ada softly took hold of her mirror's shoulders.

  It seemed like Carla came out of a spell as she regained herself...her posture was steady again in a moment.  Carla managed, "I'm sorry.  You made this one of your safehouses long ago, and...I remember it.  I mean, she does -- !"  The persona she was transforming into to match her outer appearance.  In every way, she was literally changing into Ada Wong.

  Ada nodded, her expression quiet.  "I understand, and please don't apologize.  You said you only had hours left.  At this point, I can't imagine how hard it's become for you to know where you end and..."  Awkwardly, her voice trailed off...

  ...but Carla gave her mirror a rueful smile and finished for her, "...and where you begin.  It is so difficult, Ada."  She sighed deeply.  "It's like holding water in your cupped hands in the middle of an earthquake."  Her eyes lowered to gaze upon herself as one of her hands lifted to caress the knitted fabric of the scarf she wore.  "Strange to say, this scarf has helped so much in keeping my focus.  I know because of her thoughts this isn't your style at all, but there's a story behind it...would you like me to tell you?"

  Ada nodded deeply, her expression warm.  "Please."

  "This scarf was a keepsake made by my mother.  It was a gift she made for me when I graduated from college.  And that was only a few weeks before she developed a sickness and...and passed away.  I kept the scarf with me ever since to keep my mother close to me, always.  It's one of the most formative memories of my life left, one of the most important moments and experiences I have left that make me Carla Radames."

  Ada said gently, "It's hard to believe that it would take a night of sleep to lose it all."

  Carla told Ada, "And when that happens, it won't be me who will wake up in the morning light.  It'll be you."  A few beats of uncomfortable silence.  "Part of why I came to see you was because...well, you would best know what to do about the problem of there being two Ada Wongs.  I've already thought of that.  In a way."

  "What do you mean?"

  "You've undoubtedly noticed that at times I...I lapse, and your way of thinking takes over.  It isn't hard to imagine what you're thinking, because I know.  Let me show you another example..."  The transition happened with the speed of liquid mercury sliding on an incline.  Carla let herself lapse, and suddenly her stance became more graceful...her expresison full of quiet confidence, and dear god for Ada Wong more than ever before it was like she was looking into a mirror.  Carla's voice had deepened to match her own again, as well.  Ada's mirror considered herself and said casually, "So...what would I do if I found out I shared the world with a perfect twin?  Someone who was me in every way, even in their heart and soul?"

  Ada was stunned...but at the moment, she was also so afraid for the woman she stared at.  She tried to say, "Carla...?"

  But Ada's mirror image slowly began to pace around her with a purposeful, almost feline gait that was Ada's, as well.  The twin's expression of confidence never flagged as her voice coolly spoke:  "Well, first my survival instincts would be jolted into overdrive.  It wouldn't be the idea of another Ada that's so bad as the fact she would know me completely.  Just imagine that!  She would literally know what I'd do in the same instant I would.  She'd have all the experience and skill I have, and more.  My every strength would be compromised, and all of my weaknesses would be begging to be exploited."  The mirror still smiled at Ada as she said, "The thought of that would scare the hell out of me.  I had taken every precaution for my entire adult life to ensure I'd be safe, that I'd never be known by anyone.  If I didn't open myself up to another, then I wouldn't be vulnerable.  Well, I don't have to tell you, do I?  But if I did ever meet another Ada Wong, then at first I'd naturally feel like -- "

  Ada's eyes were wide as she realized she really WAS looking at herself, listening to things only she would know and think, and yes, it did scare the hell out of her at first...her survival instincts screamed threat on so many levels as she said in a loud voice, "Carla!"

  Her twin's confident steps faltered...she tried to continue to talk...  "I...I'd feel..."  But that voice fell silent as Carla Radames became unsteady on her feet again, seeming almost drunk...again, Ada moved quickly to help her mirror image.  After a moment, Carla was herself again as she breathed, "Oh...damn!  That...was almost too much.  That's what I meant, Ada.  If I let myself lose focus, then..."  Again, Carla's eyes expressed elemental weariness.  "I-I'm so tired, a part of me wants to let go.  You have no idea how tired I feel, in spite of my fear..."

  Ada bit her lower lip as she looked at Carla...she needed a moment to think of something to say as she held Carla's shoulders gently.  But she didn't have to hold Carla steady anymore, and both women seemed to realize that.  Ada softly released Carla...

  ...but the move made Ada uncomfortable.  She liked to feel Carla's warmth...she...  Ada shrugged that thought away -- reluctantly -- as she said, "You speak like...the person you'll become is already looking through your eyes."

  Carla shook her head slowly.  "Oh, she isn't aware...not yet.  The best way to describe it is, she's asleep."  Carla took a step back from Ada...she thought it would make her feel more comfortable, but it did just the opposite.  She felt awkward, and it almost distracted her as much much as no longer feeling Ada's touch.  "But when Ada's persona takes me over completely, when the remaining chemical caps containing my most formative memories, identity and personality are overwritten and gone...then she'll be fully awake, in every way."

  Ada purred quietly, "Happy Birthday, Ada Wong."

  Carla felt a gentle pull from Ada that had only grown stronger...she didn't resist it, and she drew close again.  One exotic set of dark eyes looked into their mirror's.  Carla said, "Be honest with me, Ada.  You've already felt threatened.  Haven't you?"

  It was so strange to look into Carla's eyes...exactly like her felt wonderful, though...but the warmth built alongside a quiet tension.  Defensively, Ada looked down at the carpet and said, almost in a whisper, "Yes."

  "It's all right.  If you can be honest with anyone..."

  Ada smiled.  "I can be honest with myself."  She looked up again and her confident eyes met Carla's.  "I...I must admit, I did think all of those things."

  Carla Radames smiled serenely, fully accepting.  She offered, "If you want to kill me before she takes over, I'll understand...and I won't do anything to stop you."

  The silence in the apartment was so loud.  Ada Wong frowned deeply, she hated every word that Carla just said.  She spoke from her heart:  "If you know me so well, you should know I'm not that cold.  Just because I have a thought doesn't mean I'll act on it."

  Carla said softly, "I do know."  The lady in white began to move, her steps so slow, so careful, around her mirror in red and black.  Carla tenderly paced around Ada as she spoke:  "Everyone you've ever met has seen you as the aloof, confident survivor who works alone, but I know better than anyone you're a warm and moral person with a passionate sense of honor.  Otherwise, you wouldn't have saved Leon so many times.  Even though you know there's no future for you can't help but watch over him.  He reminds you so much of your brother and -- "

  Ada suddenly, quickly implored, "Please don't!"  Her eyes needfully looked at her mirror.  " must know I don't ever, ever talk about my family."

  Carla slowed...her eyes were so sad as she nodded.  She strayed from her circuit around Ada and moved toward an ornate mirror on one of the walls.  She gazed at the woman she was going to become.  She said, heartfelt, "I'm sorry, Ada.  You've suffered so much pain in your life, and I know you never want to feel that kind of pain again.  When those you loved so dearly betrayed you in the worst ways possible..."  Her voice trailed to nothing, inviting...

  And Ada accepted the prompt by finishing her sentence:  " made me want to be stronger in such a cold, harsh world.  And as I grew, I did get stronger.  I got strong enough to fight and more importantly, to win.  But I always fought other peoples' battles, and I never saw any real reward being out in the cold, so to speak."

  Carla said, "And when you didn't feel fulfilled serving your country, you decided to serve yourself."  She turned to Ada and approached her an observer, the movements of the lady in white were like an apprehensive dance with her stoic partner.  "You became a spy in the corporate world.  The people who employed you were even less worthy than the likes of Simmons, but at least they paid better."

  Ada shifted in her posture gracefully, and her arms folded across her breasts.  She smiled knowingly because she knew Carla would already know what she would say.  "The money meant a lot...but I swore I'd never be like them.  I'd never compromise my honor.  Just like when I was an espionage agent, I didn't mind playing a game I didn't control.  But -- "

  "But..."  Carla smiled back.  "...if you ever had to go too far, you could always play the game by your rules."  Ada's smile brightened even further.  Carla nodded as she reached Ada again...she said, "Your last mission for Albert Wesker was to steal a Las Plagas queen from Los Illuminatos.  You knew how dangerous it would be for him to have control of such a thing, and you knew you had to defy him.  So you tricked him, and by the time Wesker realized you didn't obey his wishes, you disappeared and went underground.  I do know enough about you, Ada...enough that I can trust you to do what is right for the both of us."

  The tension built subtly between them, but so did the warmth...the quiet need that was crystallizing and would have soon ached to be expressed.  Ada examined her mirror with her dark eyes.  "And if I decide you should live as another Ada another me...where would you go from there?"

  Carla cocked her head a bit to the side...her eyes examined Ada in turn.  "If you let me live, the better question to ask is:  where would we go from there?  Whatever would affect one Ada would have an impact on another.  And maybe...we'd be so much stronger together than we could ever be separately?"

  Ada lifted a hand and her fingers carefully touched her own chin as she considered...  "You're suggesting a partnership could be possible?"

  Carla smiled brightly then.  "Suggesting and offering, Ada.  After you considered that another you might be a threat, you thought of the alternative, didn't you?  Your thoughts within me certainly did."  She quickly, lightly cautioned, "Now be honest!"

  Ada laughed.  "I can't deny the idea is intriguing.  It would work best if the rest of the world didn't know there were two Ada Wongs."

  "I had the same thought...I should say she did, though."

  "I'm sure."

  With care, Carla said, "But it still scares you."

  Her smile faded...only a little.  "As much as it would scare...her."

  Carla gazed at her mirror solemnly.  "But there's something else you're frightened of most of all.  It's something you've feared for so long."  A gentle pause.  "You want to be safe, you take every precaution imaginable for your own security...but part of that means never, ever letting anyone into your life.  You can't let anyone know you, you can't risk the pain of betrayal again by opening your heart to another.  But being so completely safe...means you may always be completely alone.  And to live the rest of your life alone is your greatest fear."

  Elemental sadness shrouded Ada Wong's expression...god, Carla did know her so completely.  The spy felt the urge to weep as her full lips trembled...she almost whispered, "Carla..."

  The woman in white carefully moved very close.  "Don't just be honest with yourself, Ada.  Be honest with me.  Please?"

  Ada finally managed, "You must have an idea what my answer would be...if I wanted to be honest."

  Carla was so patient.  Her words were so soft.  "Say it anyway."

  Ada Wong wrapped her arms around herself.  She had never said this to anyone.  Anyone.  "I've always taken pride in being the elusive one, Carla.  It was safe, and at times it was"  Regret flooded her exotic features as she finally confessed with quiet pain:  "But I've been alone for too long.  If tomorrow is the day I die, I'll leave this world never knowing what it means to love...and to be loved."

  Carla knew.  Her smile was so kind, yet so needful at once.  "I know what it means to feel that alone, Ada.  In my case, it was because I was dominated by insecurity.  I thought I was the ugly duckling who would never be good enough for anyone.  I never knew love and always yearned to know how it felt.  Then I met Derek and I thought finally, maybe I had found someone who would love me.  Letting myself be drawn to him, living my life according to his will..."  She looked down, her expression agonized.  "It was the worst thing I ever did.  I'm still so terribly alone, a-and that's how I'm going to die."  Carla looked into Ada's eyes again, and her own were so bright and pure with her innocent, understandable need.  "That's another part of why I came to you...I needed to spend my final hours with someone.  I knew you'd understand, and I hoped to stay with you...I-I mean, until..."  She couldn't say anymore, there was so much pain in her features, too.

  Ada Wong nodded deeply, and her hands took hold of Carla's affectionately.  "I do understand, Carla, and you won't be alone.  I'm not going anywhere.  I promise."

  Carla Radames issued a sweet sigh full of relief and gratitude...she was so overwhelmed as she was comforted in that singular moment...

  ...that was why Carla couldn't help but draw very close...she closed her eyes...and her full lips kissed Ada's.

  Again, it felt like the world stopped for Ada as she was kissed by her former nemesis, her mirror image.  Overtaken by the moment, she couldn't help but close her eyes, too.  Lord, Carla's kiss was so soft, so sweet...but Ada's every instinct desperately yelled alarm, she was lowering her defenses too far -- !

  Ada Wong's gloved hands rose quickly to take hold of Carla Radames' shoulders, and as gently as she could, she broke their kiss.  She realized she was trembling, and the feeling was so pleasant.  But...but...Ada quietly, defensively managed to breathe shakily, "W-wait..."

  Carla Radames breathed deeply as her heart raced a mile a minute...she couldn't stop gazing into Ada's eyes.  "It's no wonder Derek was obsessed with possessing you, Ada."  But then her own defenses were tempted to raise, too.  Her eyes looked an apology at the spy and she said quietly, "I wouldn't blame you if you were offended..."

  Ada's instincts spoke so loudly to her to keep her distance, keep safe...but she stayed where she was.  The spy's hands still rested on Carla's shoulders.  She said honestly, "If I was offended, I would have said so.  B-but I am surprised.  I had no idea you wanted to be with that way."

  Carla sighed deeply before she spoke:  "You are so beautiful and strong and confident.  All my adult life, I wanted to be different from the average, insulated, pathetic person I was...I wanted to be better, stronger and beautiful, and as I said I was completely happy when I believed I was you."  Her eyes shifted as her own barriers and reservations lowered completely.  "I've come to know you and you are so incredibly beautiful, within and without.  That's why I...I yearn to be with you, Ada.  Tell me you understand?"

  Ada smiled at her mirror warmly.  Her own overwhelming need steadily built, in spite of her own defenses.  "Honestly, Carla, I'm flattered...and more than a little intrigued.  But as vulnerable as you must be feeling, I don't want to take advantage of you -- "

  Carla quickly, emphatically said, "If you really care about my feelings, then take to heart I meant something else I said.  I don't want to die never knowing love.  That's something we have in common, isn't it?  We've both been completely alone, but for different reasons.  We both have the same overwhelming end our loneliness once and for all with someone we could give all of ourselves to.  You told me not long ago that no one deserves anything.  Well, before I die, we have the chance to give something amazing to each other.  I want to feel your love, and I want you to know how that feels, as well."

  Ada's heart skipped a beat.  Her former nemesis was offering something she couldn't have expected...  "Carla..."

  Carla examined the one she desired so deeply.  "I know I must be scaring you.  I'm not asking for a commitment, Ada.  You won't have to worry about how I might affect your life, because I'll be dead by the morning...!"

  Ada flinched and stammered, "Th-that's not funny!"

  "I wasn't trying to be...but am I scaring you?"

  "I..."  Yes, Carla was scaring her...but what did Ada have to fear?  Seriously?  She was bisexual, and it seemed Carla was, too.  She had no trouble at all being with another woman.  And oh god, what she offered...what they both longed for so desperately in their lonely lives...

  To know give be loved.

  Ada's fears, even as they weakened, wanted to persist.  She managed, "Well, you are my mirror image.  The idea isn't scary so much as..."

  It was clear that Carla threw any concern and caution to the wind.  She gently asked, "Awkward?  Strange?  This isn't anything like incest, Ada.  It's not like I'm your twin sister..."

  Ada almost flinched again.  "I-I know that, but...!"

  "But what?"  Slowly, carefully, Carla's arms moved to hold Ada's slender midsection.  "This isn't just something we can share...I also came to you because there's one more gift I can give to you and the Ada Wong I'll become.  Let me put it this way.  How much do you trust yourself?  If you trust and, if you love yourself as much as I do, then you'll both have the chance to share a perfect, unconditional love with someone you know -- and knows you -- completely.  That can come later...after I'm gone."  Carla Radames gazed into the soul she knew so well and smiled.  "For now, what's important is what the two of us can share in the time left to us both.  What's important is what we can make each other feel."  Her voice gently implored, "I need to love, Ada...just as much as you do.  Please tell me you're not just intrigued.  Please tell me it's possible...?"

  For a moment that felt like eternity, Ada Wong was silent...and then she smiled softly, needfully back as one of her hands clutched one of Carla's shoulders as the other fell and that arm wrapped around her mirror.  The spy purred, "Oh, it's more than possible."

  This time, it was Ada who pulled Carla close...and with quietly building passion, they kissed again.  The kiss sustained and became more intense.  The twins embraced fiercely as their kiss deepened, and they knew the wondrous pleasure of each other's tongues...

To be continued...


As you saw, this is where the love comes into this story for Ada and Carla! :love:  What would you do if it was your last night and your life was as lonely as those of our main characters?  What would matter the most to you in the time you had left?  Coming in the next installment and the Epilogue, the art and the story feels will get quite a bit more mature, fair warning! :heart:

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

RE6 Ada Wong by Adngel
Carla Radames White Dress by Captain-AlbertWesker
DOAXBV2 Bedroom by KamsonX

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