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You were absolutely true to the title of your work by presenting Claire in an incredibly sensual, alluring moment. The anticipation in ...


For Emmie: Innocent Rapture
Hey again, another gift for dear Emmie-Pendleton, featuring one of her gorgeous XPS models of her Silent Hill OC who shares her name! :heart: :huggle: :heart:  It's the new version of her Nude Emmie model, who you might remember from my "Unwrapped" two-parter a while back! :love:

I wanted to bring out the sweet innocence in Emmie as well as make her sensuous. :heart:  You who have seen and read the story that went with my "Unwrapped" art will know what I mean, but for those who don't, you need to understand who Emmie is, and she's wonderful.  She lives in Silent Hill, yet her brightness and her love for Murphy Pendleton have actually changed the town, even brightened it again in some ways!  But make no mistake, the town still definitely isn't for the timid.  If you want to know more about her, the best place is seeing this wonderful 3-part comic from the amazing Emmie-Pendleton's called "Emmie's New Pet"! :)…

Again, huge thanks and love to the RL Emmie! :heart: :huggle: :heart:

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Nude Emmie by Emmie-Pendleton! :heart:
For Emmie:  Come to bed, Murphy... by CharlesWS
For Emmie: Come to bed, Murphy...
He just came into the bedroom when Emmie spoke.  "Come to bed, Murphy..."  The sweet girl's voice was so quiet, almost a breathed whisper, yet so ready...  :heart: :heart: :heart:


Some of you will remember the art I did a while back featuring the beautiful namesake models of one of my dearest friends here, Emmie-Pendleton.  Not long after that, dear Emmie created new versions of her sweet OC from Silent Hill...she was so generous to share them, but unfortunately until recently I wasn't able to try anything with her creations.  Fortunately that's changed and I can show my friend how much she means to me by doing my creative best with her namesake. :heart: :huggle: :heart:

You've already read the title and description, which need no further explanation! :love:

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

Cute Lingerie Emmie Pendleton by...well, Emmie-Pendleton! :heart:</i>
Incendiary Ash
Time for another smexy study! :heart:  Not too long ago, I did an XPS piece 'Smoldering Ash', featuring Ashley Williams from MASS EFFECT in a romantic mood, wearing only black lingerie.  Here in this art, Ash looks even hotter wearing nothing at all...and so a 'hotter' title was necessary, too! :D  Thanks to TheRaiderInside for the beautiful model. :)

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek
XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL

ME3 Ashley Williams Nude by TheRaiderInside
Judgment Day:  Intersection by CharlesWS
Judgment Day: Intersection

Cheryl's slender arms reached out...and then the girl from Silent Hill was holding the upper body of Rebecca Chambers in her arms, and the blonde began to weep.

Cheryl Mason cradled the unconscious girl tenderly and managed to whisper, "Becca...oh Becca, I'm so sorry..."

Her tears fell on the pixie's wet face, mixing with the rain.

From my most recent chapter of RESIDENT EVIL X SILENT HILL, JUDGMENT DAY...its emotional conclusion, in fact, as Rebecca Chambers searched for Cheryl Mason, was nearly killed...and then was saved by the extraordinary girl from Silent Hill, in spite of the depths of her own pain...

I'm sorry it took so long to get this art here, I had...well, technical problems that set me back quite a bit. But I'm still writing JUDGMENT DAY and now I finally got this art here, with an added *environmental* element that couldn't have been possible without fellow deviant dasliebesverbot! :)

You'll know what I mean, sweet always, anything Hecca is for you! :heart: :huggle: :heart:

Giving credit where it's due!

XNALara created by Dusan Pavlicek

XPS created by Dusan and XNAaraL


Heather/Cheryl Mason by deexie -- with textures from Heather Goth by shprops4xnalara!
Rebecca Chambers Leather Outfit Classic by deexie
SH3 Theme Park Entrance by shprops4xnalara
Rain (Yes, the raindrops are a combined model!) by dasliebesverbot


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"The Cakewalk"

by Charles Spencer,
inspired by characters created by DarkTonic

They got the call late in the evening while they were making love...lousy timing.

It was BSAA Captain Jill Valentine who called their cell on a secure frequency...Kaitlynn Spencer answered.  The warrior woman Kait and her beloved wife Karma Spencer, both nude in their bed and understandably annoyed by the interruption, were quickly enlightened to the reason for Jill's call.  Even though Kait was officially retired from the BSAA for a few years now -- she retired at nearly the same time as she married her angelic Karma -- she promised that if she was ever needed she could still serve the counter-bioterrorist force on a freelance as-needed basis, if the situation was important and urgent enough.

Jill notified Kait that only two hours ago, the U.S. military discovered almost by accident that a decommissioned Army base in Utah had been occupied and repurposed by a domestic bioterrorist group, one led by former Umbrella scientists.  That last bit of information hit Kait on a very personal level, since she was the granddaughter of the infamous Ozwell E. Spencer, the late and unmourned owner of the Umbrella Corporation.  Kaitlynn Spencer, in too many ways, was a living testament to his evil, and for too many reasons.  It was immediately feared, and there were telltales according to spy satellite surveillance, that the bioterrorists were manufacturing bio-organic weapons on the site.  In four hours, an Air Force bombing run was planned to render the area, which was thankfully remote from any innocent population centers and even nature trails and parks, into scorched earth.

But cleanup was going to be necessary to make absolutely certain no bioterror threats survived.  The BSAA was tapped for the duty, but it was lousy timing for Jill, too.  Most of the domestic agents were already engaged in operations -- Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers among them -- and so she was short-handed for the op.  She thought of Kait because of her experience, and because the chances were low that there might be any real hazards in the wake of an airstrike.  This was supposed to just be a mop-up.  A simple mission.

But Jill also knew that there was no such thing as 'simple' in military terms, any damned thing that could go wrong might happen...that was why what Jill asked was completely elective, Kait had every liberty to say no.  But Kait was a warrior, a moral and decent person who hated the likes of bioterrorists who would have destroyed the world if they weren't dealt with, and those feelings tragically came from personal experience.  She was living evidence of the lasting harm that human monsters who wanted to defy nature itself could case.  Kait said yes...

...but after a quick, solemn conversation with her wife, the warrior woman said Karma wanted to accompany her.  This wasn't the first time the younger, angelic girl accompanied her cherished Kait on a freelance mission.  Long ago, before they even got married, Karma wanted to learn as much as possible from her lover so she could be of support in missions like this in any way possible.  But Kait said that would only happen after she taught the angel she loved more htan life itself everything she needed to know.  It took time and a lot of effort, but Karma did learn, and experience with the woman she loved in the field taught the girl even more.

Jill understood and had a military transport pick up Kait and Karma to join what was meant to be a simple operation...if everything went well, the couple would be back home in time for breakfast.


A little over four hours later.  The arid area was isolated, all but forgotten, and once a military base.  'Once' because the airstrike did its work very well.  There were only smoking, burning ruins here on grounds scorched into what might as well have been the blasted, blackened, smoking surface of another planet.  It seemed lifeless in every way, as well...

...but others most earnestly needed to be sure of that.

The BSAA personnel arrived in two squadrons of Black Hawk gunships and a short convoy of Humvees.  The agents deployed from their vehicles to disperse in two-person units and took position along the outer perimeter of the target area, from where they would move in and cover as much space in their search as possible until they reached the heart of the former base.  Jill Valentine, who commanded the op, and Medic Christine Yamata comprised one unit.  Jill said over her radio, "Command to all units, prepare to move in on my go.  Since the Air Force was nice enough to save us a lot of work, we're simply here to sanitize the area.  Confirm that there's no life, human or otherwise.  Be thorough and don't hesitate to call for help if you see ANY sign of life!"  Jill paused only a moment before she ordered, "All units move in, slow and easy!"

Kaitlynn and Karma began to move, like the rest of the units.  It was in the early morning hours, and the only illumination came from the sporadic fires on the ground, the agents' flashlights attached to their weapons, and the half-moon in the night sky above.  Kait's choice of gear was as black as the night, a variant of the Battle Suit first designed by Albert Wesker; it sheathed the brunette warrior's beautiful body in ways that made her even more enticing by sight, even though it was meant to be a fully functional defense system that could absorb most all small arms fire.  Close behind Kait and to the side, her wife was dressed in more conventional battle gear, but it took nothing away from Karma's exotic beauty...her dark brown skin shone spectrally in the firelight...her lustrous long hair was tied in a ponytail.  They both carried carbines as their primary weapons.

Kait's eyes scanned the night like a hawk's...the gorgeous yet firm, almost Amazonian features of her pale face were rigid.  They lost sight of the units close by as they entered the main perimeter of the former base.  As they both treaded slowly through the blasted area, toward what was once one of the base's outer buildings, Kait said, "Remember slow and easy, angel...don't relax for a second."

Karma gazed at her beloved and asked, "Weren't you the one who said this would be a cakewalk?"

Keeping most of her focus on her surroundings, Kait said in return, "Why do you ask?"

Karma's eyes were fixed on the warrior she adored.  "Because you're as tense as I've ever seen you."

Kait glanced at the girl.  "Remember how goddamned hard to kill BOWs can be.  I'll relax when we're done securing the site, angel.  By the way, I said this should be a cakewalk."

Karma said, "What's the best way to respond to that?  'Woulda-coulda-shoulda?'"

In spite of things, Kait threw Karma a grin.  "Oh yeah, you sound like you went to college."

The lovely girl with skin the color of bronze smiled brightly.  "Actually, I did, so I thought that made me the smart-ass."

"That's the kind of bad influence you've been with me..."  Kait couldn't help but spare a glance at Karma again, her expression much, much softer.  "...and I wouldn't want it any other way."

Karma's smile developed a truly naughty curve.  "The only way I'd want you is naked and in our bed, darling.  Although, I have no complaints about how sexy your ass looks in your Battle Suit...!"

Kait laughed.  "No kidding?  Knowing that, I think I'll wear this all the time for you.  Except for in bed, naturally."

Karma purred, "Seriously, I know this will be cake...because you're here."

"I'll always be here for you."  The warrior woman's voice was full of solemn oath.  "We did take vows to that effect, if I remember right."

Just as solemn, Karma looked at her mate with the purest love, her smile embodied joy itself.  "The happiest day of my life."

Kait purred, "For the both of us."  Ever since the first day they met, when Kaitlynn saved Karma from extraordinary circumstances, happiness bloomed for them both for the very first time -- neither could have called themselves happy before then, for different reasons -- as the undeniable attraction between them grew into passionate, heartfelt love.  Both lived a life together at present that was beyond wonderful, outside of these occasions when an insane, chaotic world compelled Kait to take action.  Things were still getting better in some ways:  Karma's relationship with her estranged senator father had warmed over time, even though Kait still refused to like him...the warrior woman didn't forget that he was the one who put his daughter in danger in the first place, all because of dirty dealings with the wrong people.  That also set in motion the events that brought Kait and Karma together, though, but Kait felt it didn't quite even out.  

Karma couldn't help but giggle happily, "For richer or poorer, in sickness and health, always and..."

Kait's expression became firmer...except for her eyes, which expressed the depth of the affection she felt for her wife in turn.  "Hey.  Plenty of time for mushy stuff after we're done, okay?  Look sharp, angel."

Minutes passed as they moved slowly, methodically through the ruins...there were some remains, charred and unrecognizable as anything human.  The airstrike was thorough.  It had to be.  But one can be as thorough as possible in a task and still miss something.  The growl got the attention of the couple, and Kait quickly held up a closed fist signalling Karma to stop; the warrior went stock-still in every other respect.  Karma froze with her.

Kait scanned the immediate area and saw the source of the growling.

The thing was so hideously burned, it wasn't possible to tell what it must have been...most of its body was crushed under a huge piece of debris...but its wedge-shaped head was visible, dominated by a huge maw that bristled with teeth and open wide as a beartrap ready to snap around someone's leg.  Its vengeful fury seemed to be all that kept it alive as it growled dangrously.  Karma gasped, "Ugh -- !  What is that??"

Kait looked at the thing and said quietly, "Whatever it is, I'm sure it was uglier before it got hit by the airstrike.  Cover me, angel."

"I will."  The girl had her carbine gripped in her hands tight.

Kait, meanwhile, only had to take a few steps and then she was standing over the thing...she looked down at it with a neutral stare.  She said, "I'm almost tempted to feel sorry for you.  But really, you shouldn't have existed at all."  The warrior could at least end its pain and she did so dispassionately:  she lifted her right foot, and then with all her strength brought her boot crashing down on the thing's head, which split open and crushed gorily.  Kait might as well have decimated an overripe melon under her heel.  There were no more growls.

Kaitlynn stared down at the mess, and with a deliberately neutral expression she remembered that by all rights, she shouldn't have been alive today.  But her grandfather wanted to defy nature in that respect too, in the same ugly, greedy way he wanted to create viruses and abominations for profit, unlock the secrets of immortality itself.  It was why she was more than human, why she had never truly been happy until she met Karma and that wondrous girl gave her reason to love, to live --

Unfortunately, as Kait and Karma were briefly distracted by the monster, they hadn't realized that someone was watching them angrily from amongst the shadows of the ruins.  He was one of the bioterrorists, a grunt, a simple footsoldier of the scientists in control here.  None of them had any idea that an airstrike was coming, but at the time it all came down, he was fetching some supplies from one of the was luck more than anything else that he was the only one who survived.  He was stunned and violently angry to see the blasted wasteland the base had become, but he also saw the gunships and Humvees of the BSAA approach.  And so he hid, hoping he could somehow get away undetected, but the enemy were everywhere and scouring the area.  He didn't feel like surrendering and spending the rest of his life in prison...but there was one way he might have been able to get away...

...and as Kait thought sadly about how incredibly blessed she had been ever since she met Karma, she heard the girl issue a strangled cry for her:  "K-Kait -- !"  The lady sheathed in her Battle Suit whirled instantly and raised her carbine up...and she felt her heart stop as she saw Karma, her wife, her reason for living held from behind by a man in a uniform she didn't recognize.  Karma's carbine had just been knocked to the ground as he grabbed her.  One of his arms was wrapped around the girl's throat...the hand of his other arm was filled with a semi-automatic handgun, it looked like a Glock, and he held it to Karma's head.

It was terrible, a sight Kait would never, ever have wanted to imagine, to see her beautiful angel held hostage in such a way as the bastard snarled, "Don't fuckin' move!  If you do, I'll kill this bitch!"

EVERYTHING stopped for the warrior woman as she froze...Kaitlynn's eyes were wide, full of disbelief and horror and outrage as she felt like her heart was suddenly gone, torn from her breast as she saw the angel who was her life in peril.  She blamed herself, cursed herself a thousand times over needlessly as she exhaled, "Oh..."  Her voice rose in volume quickly, shifted into a desperate entreaty:  "...oh nonono, don't do that don't you dare threaten her -- !"

The terrorist said quickly, "Drop your damn gun or she dies!  Do it now!"

Blaming herself for being caught, as afraid for her beloved as Kait was for her, Karma's voice was on the verge of panic:  "Kaitlynn no, please don't -- !"

The man snarled into her ear, "Shut UP, you little bitch!"

Kait felt her blood run cold, colder than a glacier in the far, far north...dear god, if this bastard ended Karma's life, he might as well have killed her.  Because she wouldn't have wanted to live without the only one she ever loved, ever could love.  It took all of Kait's strength to keep her voice calm as she said to Karma, "It'll be okay, angel.  It'll be okay."  Her eyes hardened as she looked at the terrorist...and she threw her carbine off to the side.  She slowly, carefully drew her sidearm from her belt holster and threw it away, as well.  Kait raised her hands and said to him, "There.  I'm not armed, all right?  Now let the girl go!"  She couldn't take the chance to lift her a hand to the radio mic clipped on her shoulder...she knew calling for help would only have gotten her wife killed.

Then the bastard responded, "Not yet, goddamn it!  I want a vehicle and I'm gonna leave with my hostage!  If you or anyone else tries to stop me, the bitch dies!"

Kait stared at him...her beautiful features became harder from the outrage she felt.  Her voice was a deadly brand of calm as she said quietly yet quickly, "Stop that, goddamn it, stop calling her that, I'm giving you fair warning here, you understand me?  You can let her go and just walk away right now, just walk away -- "

His arm tightened around Karma's throat as he roared, "I said I want a vehicle right the hell now!"  Karma wondered absently if any of the other units would hear them...each unit had been spaced so far apart for the search, she doubted it unless the bastard yelled louder.  Or if a shot rang out.

Kait slowly began to walk toward the terrorist and his hostage, the girl she held more sacred than anything...she said in that same hurried yet dangerous voice, "I'll let you live if you let her go, damn you, I'll let you walk away but only if you let her go right now."

But he shouted back, "Fuck you!  Do what I want or I'll kill her!"

All that mattered to Karma was Kait...the warrior woman was her entire world.  The girl cried, "Don't do it, Kait!  Don't worry about me, just kill him, please!"

He yelled in Karma's ear, "Shut UP!"

Karma thought frantically, Oh god, can't someone hear this monster yelling?!  Please god, please don't let Kait be hurt, please!

Kait was slowly drawing closer to them, her steps careful, methodical...but that didn't make the terrorist feel threatened as much as the expression on her face, the bright need and anger in her eyes, the deadly promise in her calm yet desperate voice:  "You have no idea how close you are to dying, you useless nothing.  Do you want to die?  Do you want to die screaming?  You can let the girl go and walk away, just walk away and I won't follow you I really won't -- "

The man yelled at her again, but with more fear in his voice:  "Give me what I want, whore!  RIGHT NOW!"  He couldn't help but step back nervously, forcing Karma to go with him, almost dragging her.

Kait didn't even listen to him, but her eyes seemed to look into the terrorist as she said with quiet, terrible power, "If you don't let her go now, I will kill you.  Your last moments will be in pain and terror, I promise.  I'm giving you every chance, you understand that?  I want her safe, and you don't have to die tonight.  But if you don't let her go and walk away, if you threaten that sweet angel one more goddamn time, I swear to god you will die screaming."

Karma breathed, "Kait..."  The girl realized then...she understood.  Kaitlynn threw away her weapons for a reason.  Because Karma, better than anyone else on the planet, knew that her lover didn't need any such weapons.  The angel knew, better than anyone on Earth, what Kait was...and what she could become.

Karma knew Kait was only a thought away from becoming something that would show NO mercy to this bastard.

But the fool had no idea, and so he did the last thing he should have done...he pressed his gun to the side of Karma's head harder and yelled, "I told you I want a vehicle, and if you don't get me one I'll kill this little bitch...and then I'll kill YOU!"

Kaitlynn's steps stopped.

The warrior woman said with perfect knowledge, "No.  You won't."  In the next instant, Kaitlynn Spencer willed the change to begin.  Often in the thick of a hostile situation or at the height of experiencing the most potent emotion and sensation, she changed as a kind of defense mechanism.  But she also had the ability to control when it could happen...and she passionately, angrily needed it to happen now.

It wasn't unlike flexing a muscle for Kait, willing both the biological and neurochemical transformation unique to her being to commence...she needed it to happen as quickly as possible, and it did before the eyes of Kait and the terrorist in the next six seconds.

Kait began to say to the terrorist, "I gave you -- "  Her breath hitched as her eyes squeezed shut because the transformation began with pain.  Like it always did.  The pain began in the warrior woman's bones and was so incredible it made her steps falter, as well.  Her beautiful body began to tremble.  One second gone.

Kait lifted a slender gloved hand to her face, touching one of her temples as she had to stop in her tracks.  Her voice became breathless, full of agony:  "-- e-every chance..."  The burning that began in her bones quickly spread through ever nerve of her body.  Worse, it grew in intensity.  Kait already had trouble thinking straight as she shuddered, as if from a frigid wind.  The visible changes began as her light skin became dramatically paler within a second of time, its color draining away as the major veins and blood vessels under her skin, in contrast, were growing darker...much darker...  Two seconds gone.

The terrorist stared at Kait with growing, primal fear as he watched...he was too dumbfounded to take any action.  In his grip, Karma whispered mournfully, "Kait..."  The girl had seen this before.  Her heart went out completely to her beloved, unafraid.  In fact, Karma feared so deeply for Kait.

Kait's breaths quicked dramatically, and for the next four seconds it was as if she was hyperventilating as her heart raced faster than a jackhammer, as the transformation took hold of her shuddering body with a vengeance.  The burning pain became even worse as her muscles began to shift, to thicken as many of her bones shifted in size...those changes began to be seen as they were also heard in the form muffled snaps and pops.  Kait's posture began to change and she hunched over a bit.  The warrior woman felt so hot, her other hand rose to grab the front zipper of her Battle Suit shakily, as her every sense began to grow stronger, increasingly hyper-accute.  Her tongue began to feel the teeth in her own mouth changing rapidly to become sharper and longer.  Three seconds gone.

In so much pain she couldn't even scream, Kait's voice deepened more and more as she huffed every exhale rapidly...her lovely breasts rose and fell as she zipped down the front of her Battle Suit down to her navel, she felt she was literally burning up.  The skin tantalizingly exposed in a 'v' between her full breasts was bleaching to become pale as a sheet along with the rest of the flesh of her body.  Her eyes squeezed shut as her teeth became longer, especially her upper and lower incisors.  Even more dramatic was the visible lengthening of the nails of her fingers...they were tearing through and shredding her gloves as they grew an inch longer...then two as her posture became less human and more feral...  Four seconds gone.

Karma's vision blurred with tears as her full lips quivered...she absently smelled urine...the bastard holding her hostage had begun to wet his pants...

The burning pain seemed to take away Kait's ability to think, to reason, to have any restraint or morality or anything that made her human...she literally had a second of rational thought left as her dramatic transformation neared its end.  She was becoming something inhuman, something far far more than that.  Ever since her first transformation when she was a child as Subject 0-02, this was the other side of her.  Her eyes snapped open and were fully white, the irises reduced to black pinpoints.  Her exposed skin on her face, between her breasts down to her navel, and her hands which grew claws that were four inches long and decimated her gloves was pale as an Albino, accented by the dark pulsing veins visible from underneath.  Her brunette hair hadn't changed, but every other aspect of her beauty had become stronger, haunting, and primal.  The bones around her eyes, the bones of her cheeks and jaw became denser and thicker.  Her pale lips peeled back from a very, very sharp mouth when, just before she lost all that made her human in her heart and soul, all she cared for was Karma as she managed to literally snarl at the terrorist in a deep, resonant voice an instant from losing all humanity:

" motherfucker."

Five seconds gone.

And Kaitlynn Spencer, a brave, beautiful and loving warrior, lost her humanity as she completed her transformation, within and without.  The creature was still recognizable as human in appearance -- mostly -- as she stood there, her partly exposed chest inhaling and exhaling deeply and rapidly.  But there were aspects her that weren't human at all.  She was still beautiful, so beautiful, but in darksome ways.  The once-lovely features of her face became harsher and thicker...most startling was her mouth:  her pale lips seemed locked in a deadly snarl, they stayed peeled back so as not to hinder her long teeth comparable to a wolf's, the upper and lower incisors long, canine-like fangs.  The posture of her lithe figure was hunched, coiled tightly like a spring, especially her arms as they hung in front of her, and her clawed fingers opened and closed slowly from the tatters of her gloves.  Six seconds gone.

Within, Kaitlynn had become a much more rudimentary creature, incapable of thought, able to do little more within her heart and soul than act and react by instinct, like an apex predator in the wilds.  She became everything her grandfather's Impact Project had reengineered her into becoming ever since she was an innocent child, a victim of the darkest of science.  It was all supposedly to save her from a disease passed down her family, but Ozwell still took the opportunity to turn his granddaughter into a test subject toward the creation of a super soldier.  The Umbrella scientists under his employ who experimented on Kait decided human traits like compassion, love, conscience and independence would have been counterproductive.  They needed a subject that could become the perfect hunter-killer, obedient, remorseless, and for over a decade they heartlessly changed Kait forever utilizing the viruses Venatum and TECH.

The pale, clawed creature's hyper-senses took in every sight and smell around her on this night in the blasted ruins of the terrorist base.  What Kait became still instinctively recognized and remembered Karma, and she couldn't help but take in the girl's sweet, sweet scent.  The pale hunter-killer couldn't have marked Karma as a threat, but the terrorist holding her hostage was a different story.  The smell of piss coming from the man was annoying as Kait immediately 'locked on' to the bastard, marked him as a threat because he was armed.  Her white eyes narrowed as she understood he was threatening Karma, that he was an enemy she needed to destroy.

The terrorist wasn't much of a threat because he'd frozen completely...he stared at the pale, beautiful creature before him and moaned, "Oh my god..."  And he was so distracted, the gun he held to Karma's head eased away from her just enough.

Karma felt an incredible, righteous fury boiling from her gut.  She was angry with this bastard, yeah, but the wonderful girl was also unnecessarily angry with herself.  She felt misplaced guilt for becoming a hostage, for making it necessary for the woman she adored to go through so much agony and becoming her darker, feral self.  With steel in her voice, Karma yelled, "God can't help you now, ASSHOLE!"  At the same time, the gutsy girl spun, reached up, and her right hand found the terrorist's face...her fingers curled as her nails needfully dug into his eyes!

Flaring pain and his own blood obscured his vision as he screamed, "AAAHHHH-UUGGHHH!"  The scream awkwardly changed because Karma also took it upon herself to raise a knee into the bastard's balls.  Disoriented and full of pain, the man staggered back as Karma stepped away from him quickly.  He still had his gun and he waved it around dangerously...

...and unfortunately for him, his gun wavered in Kait's general direction.  That was all the hunter-killer needed.  Instantly Kait growled and she sprang -- her powerful leg muscles sent her flying across a distance that separated her from her target, over four meters, and the terrorist might as well have been pounced upon by a tigress.  Kait savagely punched into the man's body with her long talons, lifting him harshly off his feet as he dropped his gun, before she literally took him down to the earth and she straddled the man's prone body.  It happened so fast and with pure ferocity.  The creature that was once Kaitlynn Spencer looked down upon the man with white eyes full of inhuman hate.  Her fanged mouth opened wide as she issued a hissing roar...she wouldn't be satisfied until the threat was eliminated, until she destroyed this man.  She did so with pure and complete abandon, literally tearing into him...the first thing he lost was his face because of her raking talons...he screamed in total agony  as her violence escalated, her powerful arms and claws blurs of motion.  His blood flew everywhere...and so did pieces of him.  His screams didn't last long and fell into blood-choked gurgles as Kait kept her promise.

Not far away, Karma couldn't help but watch with shock and fascination as her lover destroyed the enemy.  The sight was morbid, ghastly, but the girl couldn't look away as seconds passed.  Her wide eyes took every moment in, burned them into her soul without regret.  It wasn't the violence that drew her so, of course...she was reminded in a bad way of a movie she and Kait had seen recently, Predators, as her transformed lover used her incredible strength to viciously tear the very dead terrorist's spine and skull from his bloody, mangled corpse!

The sweet girl had long ago accepted that the sight before her, first revealed to her during the most private of moments, was simply another side of Kait.  The hunter-killer, even as she literally rent her dead prey asunder, was still so incredibly beautiful in her wife's eyes.  Karma embraced this creature with as much love as she did all of Kaitlynn.

And more and more since she discovered what Kait could become, Karma secretly, increasingly felt fascinated and intrigued, as well.  Karma thought, This is you,'s you stripped of every pretense, risen above every boundary that confines us as human beings.  In so many ways, you're a purer creature when you become your other self.  You told me once that it's possible for you to pass this side of you to me, but you fear that could happen...because you can't accept this part of you like I have.  Oh my darling warrior, you still feel like a monster, you feel so alone, but you don't have to feel that way.  You are my life, every part of you is perfect to me...

...and I want to be your mate in
every way.  More and more, I'm so fascinated, so tempted by the idea of becoming like you, of changing into a purer creature risen above humanity.  More and more, I want to ask for that one day, and I hope you'll have earned the inner peace and acceptance of yourself to say yes.  And then...

...and then...maybe it could be possible to seclude ourselves somewhere, to a place only for us?  A place far, far away from the rest of this strange, flawed world?  Oh, it's so tempting...the thought we could both leave our humanity behind once and for all, to know a primal, perfect love together...?

Karma broke from her entrancing thoughts, her secret desires, because the hunter-killer fell silent...she hadn't relaxed at all as she knelt over the ravaged remains of the man she destroyed.  Inside, the creature's metabolic rate was something akin to a nuclear reactor.  She had used so much energy, and she felt the overwhelming urge to feed.  She fixed on the gory remains and one of her clawed hands punched into what was left of her enemy's ravaged chest...and she pulled out his mostly-intact heart.  Her wolf's mouth smiled inhumanly with anticipation...the hunger ached within her, and she was about to satisfy it by feasting on her terminated prey -- !

"No, Kait!"  Startled, the hunter-killer looked up angrily...but her white eyes widened with recognition again as she saw Karma standing there.  The bronze beauty walked to her slowly, her beautiful face full of compassion and love.  Karma said softly, "You don't have to do that, Kait.  Everything is all right."  It wasn't because the girl was revolted -- she just didn't want her beloved to taint herself by eating any part of that asshole.  Her voice reached out to soothe carefully, gently:  "Look at me, my warrior...focus on me..."

And the angel was having an affect on the hunter-killer:  the creature relaxed dramatically as she remembered her wife.

Karma's smile was heavenly as she drew ever closer, as she soothed, "Yes, that's right...focus on me...remember who you are, Kait.  Remember us.  Remember how much I love you...!"

The creature did understand then there was no longer any threat for her to deal with...and she did remember Karma.  She remembered herself, and she felt the passionate need that overwhelmed her hunger to become that side of her once again.  For Karma, she relaxed even further...and she allowed her slowed bio-rhythms to activate her transformation back to human form.  The hunter-killer's entire body trembled as she sat there on her knees, because unfortunately it was still incredibly painful to regain her humanity.  But she did so in a matter of seconds...

...and Kaitlynn Spencer was there on her knees, looking up at her wife...but she was so spent, so exhausted by the energy she used as her other self, she began to keel limply to one side.  But Karma was much faster after she realized that her beloved was about to collapse, and she was already very close and on her knees as Kait fell into her slender, loving arms.  Karma sat down on the earth as she cradled Kait's upper body...the warrior woman managed drowsily, "K...Karma...?"

Full of happiness and relief, Karma felt the urge to cry again as she said in a choked voice, "I-I'm here, my warrior...I'm here!"

Suddenly, over both of their radios, the women heard Jill Valentine's voice speak urgently:  "Command to Unit Four!  Kait, Karma, it's Jill, I got reports from units close to your position that they heard screams!  Please report status, over!  Unit Four, respond!  Kait, Karma, if you read me, please report your status now!"

Shakily, Kait lifted one of her hands to toggle the mic clipped to her shoulder...she managed, "U-Unit Four to Command...we're all right.  I say again, we're all right.  We...had a situation, but...everything's okay."  She looked up at the face of her wife and finished, "We're okay, over."

Karma was crying softly then as she keyed her own radio and reported, "Karma to Jill, we're both okay, over!"

Jill responded, "Copy that!  I'm on my way to you both, stand by, over!"

For a moment, until Jill and Christine or another unit reached them, they were alone to themselves.  Karma gazed down at her beloved warrior, who she cradled tenderly in her arms.  "Thank you, darling.  Thank you for saving me."

Kait looked up into her wife's eyes in turn...her head hurt so damn bad, like the pain from a hangover, every time she returned to her human form.  Her voice was quiet...  "I-it...was a risk...changing like always is..."  Because it felt so good to be her feral self.  That troubled her because she was afraid to accept that side of her, the hunter-killer she could become.

"I know.  I know..."  Karma did know, and she hoped one day she could help Kait accept and love every bit of herself, like her wife did without reservation.

The warrior woman's voice gained strength as she said thickly, "But I did it for were the last thing I thought of, and...I felt your voice reach me.  I did remember you...I remembered us..."

Karma nodded deeply...her smile was so radiant, so full of love.  "I knew you would, darling.  That's how strong you are."

Kaitlynn Spencer carefully, gently shifted to rest close to her wife's bosom...she'd feel better soon, but she needed rest.  And she couldn't have ever wanted to be anywhere but in Karma's loving arms.  Kait's face tilted up and she said, "I'll always come back to matter what..."  The warrior woman began to cry too, from pure happiness, as she said solemnly, "Oh god, I love you...I love you, my angel..."

Her own tears of happiness streaming down her cheeks, Karma Spencer's face drew close to her adored, and she kissed Kait's cheek needfully.  Karma said to the woman who was her life, "I love you too, my everything...and I'll always be here.  Always and forever."
The Cakewalk, a RESIDENT EVIL story
A fair warning as always that there's MATURE CONTENT in this story!

Story time again, everyone, and this story is special for a lot of reasons...what makes it special is because it features two original characters created by an awesome friend here on DA, and she gave me the chance to write a story featuring them both.

My friend's name here on DA is DarkTonic, and she's a wonderful writer...and she's created many wonderful original characters, mainly for the Resident Evil verse!  Two of those O.C.s are Kaitlynn and Karma, and these amazing women also happen to be a couple. :heart:  A quick intro is in order:

Kaitlynn is the granddaughter of Ozwell E. Spencer himself, the owner of the Umbrella Corporation.  Being an evil bastard, he had Kait experimented on for years...she came away from that experience altered forever, haunted in far too many ways.  After she escaped and earned her freedom, Kait became a hardened mercenary and in the future would become part of the BSAA.  But it was during her time as a mercenary was when she met...

Karma, a brilliant, beautiful and sweet girl who was just as unhappy as Kait because she was the illegitimate daughter of her father, a senator.  At the time she was a college student, her dad's corrupt dealings with the wrong people threatened her life.  Thankfully, Karma was saved by Kait, who became the girl's guardian and defender...

...and that's how they fell in love. :love:

You'll find out a few more things about them in this story, but the best way to know more about Kait and Karma is from my dear friend DarkTonic herself! :)  Here on DA, you'll find the first chapter of 'Undeniable Karma', a story set six months after Kait saved Karma, as their relationship really began to blossom...

'Undeniable Karma' -…

DarkTonic put so much love into Kait and Karma, giving them both so much beauty and life, I didn't just fall in love with them.  I got the inspiration to write a story featuring the couple, and DarkTonic was so generous to give me the chance.  I did my level best to be true to her vision and imagination when it came to her characters, and I'm happy to say I accomplished that.  Serious, at first this could have been a story I just shared with her, but she loved it so much she's letting me bring it to all of you...I can't thank her enough, and in this way you'll want to get to know more about DarkTonic's Kait and Karma, too! :)

The story is set in the couple's future, a few years after Kait semi-retired from the BSAA...and married her beautiful angel, Karma.  Kait is still called into action at times, when she's most needed in this crazy world.  But as you'll see, Karma isn't the kind of girl to sit at home and wait for her lady love to come back from a mission!

Unfortunately, during what is meant to be a simple mission, one of them will be threatened...and the other must reach into herself and become her other, darker half, the creature she can transform into because of her grandfather's evil...

Big, big thanks again to the wonderful DarkTonic! :heart: :huggle: :heart:

And to emphasize!  The original characters Kaitlynn and Karma Spencer are the creations of DarkTonic.  Capcom might own Resident Evil, but Kait and Karma came from my friend's heart.  You wouldn't even be reading this right now if it wasn't for her!

[Updated:  just added a couple of details of what I'm experiencing that might help explain things!  Look below...]

The last journal entry I wrote, I had problems then, too.  Sigh!  Hopefully someone knows what I'm dealing with... :)

I can log onto DA from my computer at home, but then...I can't do anything else!  I can browse and all, but there's a big list of things I suddenly can't do.

When I slide my cursor over the top menu bar on the right to get to my View All Messages menu, it won't appear and come down...which means I can't access deviantWATCH, Notices, Feedback, Correspondence, Notes, all of that.
I can't leave feedback or respond to it too, even when I go to the art itself.
I can't leave journal entries.  (I'm writing a journal entry now because I'm on an internet station at the library at the moment.  Sigh!)
I can't submit art.  Grr! -_-
I have to right-click on a thumbnail of art in order to get to it, I can't left-click like usual.  And the art won't expand when I click on it.
One friend's flash player for some reason won't appear...maybe there's something to that?  (I've checked Adobe, and it has that thing with the clouds and tree -- those who have seen it know what I mean! -- and that works.  Maybe I need an update?)
I saw that there was a recent 'debugging' of DA.  What the heck did that involve??

I already sent a note to DA Help, of course.  I hope no one else has been having as many problems?

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